Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kanpeki Gu~ No Ne


By Watarirouka Hashiri Tai. It's from the first Fairy Tail ending theme. It's kind of a fun song. Kind of fits Lucy's character. :icontinoplz: Not the best one on the list, but still a fave. I have to find more songs again! 

Well, I went to the Shabbat morning service again! Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz:I'm glad I've gotten back into it. This time our cantor led it. She brought a guest violinist. He sounded really awesome! :iconchibiaustriaplz: It's a bit of a different feel than the guitar. There was only one problem. The alarm for the synagogue was having issues. It made a high pitched sound throughout the service. Sometimes a long tone, sometimes a few beeps, and sometimes there would be silence. :iconchibienglandplz: I was about ready to run out the door screaming. :iconwtfromanoplz: It was a very interesting portion this time. About Balaam being told to curse the Israelites. He blessed them instead. But, it took the scene with a talking female donkey ramming his leg into a wall (because she saw an angel, and was backing away) to get him to come to his senses. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: Kind of crazy! His blessing is where we get a pretty famous prayer. We also had exactly enough people for a minyan this time. 

Then, we went to the Havdalah service and study. Havdalah signifies the end of Shabbat. We say some blessings over a special candle, wine, and a spice box. We do this while standing in a circle. Sometimes linking arms or hands. The candle is long and multi-wicked. Usually, it's in a weave pattern. When we say the blessing over it, we usually hold it up high. While we're saying it over the wine, everyone passes it around and takes a sip. For the spices, we pass it around and sniff it. After all of these, we extinguish the candle by placing it in the wine cup. Then, we all sing songs. It's really a nice and warm type of service. :iconchibicanadaplz: Everyone brought desserts. Mom brought a 3 berry cake, there was homemade chocolate, an oatmeal cookie with cherries and chocolate thing, an oat bar thing, brownies, and some other things. It was all very good.:iconhungaryplz: There were 2 more new people. They were very nice. It was kind of a fun Torah study, too.:iconchibisitalyplz:I wanted to contribute more, but when I'd say something it was too quiet. I was losing my voice. :iconchibifinlandplz: (Which might have been because of the salty food I had at dinner.) The kid next to me was getting into it a bit. I would say something and he'd hear me and comment about it. I was a little surprised. :iconseychelles-plz: He'd comment on things quietly too. So, we had almost a side conversation. :iconchibiromanoplz: Throughout the study, we had the door open. So, naturally the mosquitoes came in and attacked me. :iconkikuplz: I got bitten in kind of a weird place. The middle of my index finger just before the knuckle. There can't be very much good stuff there, right?:iconohshitenglandplz: We discussed a bit about Moses striking the rock when G-d told him this time to talk to it. A lot of people say that he was a stutterer, and he hated to speak in public. Since, whacking the stone the first time worked, why not the second?:iconjustahappyplz: It was a nice discussion about the whole thing. We could have discussed it much longer, but the Rabbi wanted to stop. :iconpolandplz:

I've decided to study the Torah portion everyday the week before. :iconchibigreeceplz: I'll read a few verses, some Midrash, some of the Haftorah portion, some Psalms, some of the 'minor' prophets, and some proverbs. I'll feel like I'm not just doing Jewish things on Shabbat or other holidays. :iconchibiamericaplz:I feel like I need more on a daily basis. :iconspainplz: I guess I'm becoming more and more observant. (Don't know if that's the right word?) I wasn't sure how to go about that. But, this should help a bit. 

Today, we went to an awesome party for our friend who paid off her mortgage. :iconheroamericaplz: She literally burned it.:iconprussiaplz:She has a lot of nice friends. I haven't been that social in a long time, so it was really nice to me. :iconeduardplz:We got lost trying to find her house, because she gave the wrong directions. :iconraivisplz: The person who drove us there, is a timid driver. She didn't know what to do when we went the wrong way. After we found it and went inside, someone talked to us right away. These people seemed very open and friendly. :iconfrancisplz: The last person we talked to exchanged numbers with us. It was fun to talk to her, and we might have made a nice friend. (I say 'we' because she talked to Mom, the person who drove us, and me.) It looks like she even wants to be friends with me. Even though, she's much older than me. :iconkikuplz: I did tell her that I don't care about age with friends. It's true. I have people in their 80s and some in their teens as friends. To me, personality matters more.:iconthailandplz: It's almost discrimination if I do it based on age. After hearing that, she looked like she was very emotional or something, and hugged me. :iconchibirussiaplz: There was a lot of good food there too. Plus, a triple chocolate cake that said Happy Mortgage Burning. Funny! :iconsleepygreeceplz: It would be really fun if she had these parties more often. We might actually get to see these people more. :iconusaplz: Her house has a beautiful view of the water. :iconchibinitalyplz: You can watch the ferries and sailboats. Kind of a tranquil place. :iconeestiplz:She told us she's thinking of attending our congregation's services again. She's not liking the way things are run with the other one. It would be nice. :icongilbird:

Tomorrow, my parents are going to the retreat and won't be back until Tuesday night. We went out and got some stuff for myself while they'd be gone. Also, I had a chili dog for dinner. Our market makes some of the best ones! :iconromajiplz: I also got an individual frozen deep dish cheese pizza, and a frozen thing they call Country Cheddar for my dinners. Sounds really good!:icondroolplz:

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