Tuesday, August 31, 2010

National Trail Mix Day!


Trail mix is pretty awesome!:dummy:Good for hiking, camping, or a snack at home.:iconchibifinlandplz:We've been making some homemade trail mix for the last few weeks. It's great. It's your fave nuts, fruits, M&M's, or anything else you want to throw in. Our most recent one's a nut blend, some M&M's, dried banana chips, craisins, and chocolate covered raisins. Good stuff.:iconhungaryplz:There's many different versions you can make. Interesting that it has its own day, though.

Today's been nasty outside. Cold, a downpour, and windy.:iconwtfukplz:They installed the toilet today!:iconchibipolandplz:I can finally use my bathroom! No running downstairs to use it. It's a bit smaller than the other toilet was. But, it works pretty well!:iconchibisitalyplz:They hauled the other one away. I'm so happy about it!:icondancingrussiaplz:It's been 5 weeks since the old plumber had told us we needed a new one, we couldn't use that old one anymore, and he'd install the new one. A couple of weeks before that, I stopped using it because there was a leak coming out of the ceiling downstairs, close to where my bathroom is. So, it's been a long time!:iconwtfromanoplz:

I made chicken teriyaki last night. It was ok, but I used a little too much cornstarch, and it wasn't as saucy as it usually is.:iconpolandplz:Had my new fancy rice with it. Was really tasty all in all.:iconitalyplz:Tonight, I made Panko breaded Talapia (which was already made, just needed to cook), Beef Rice-A-Roni, and some peas. Plus, some of our 'famous' pink sauce for the fish.:iconenglandispervyplz:It's ketchup and mayo mixed together until they turn into a dark pink sauce. Awesome with fish! It was pretty easy. But, tasted so good!:iconchibispainplz:Not sure what I'll do tomorrow.:idea:

I posted a pic on dA: Seahorse It's not the clearest pic, but it's the best I could get of him. Played some more Irish tunes. It was pretty good, considering my reed was basically shot.:iconromanoplz:I forgot I had another one until halfway through. 
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, sensei visits his brother, who's a doctor, and asks for meds. So, he immediately gives him something, without telling him what it is. He suddenly feels much better. He just gave him vitamins, but says that sometimes the Placebo Effect makes people feel like they're better. Sensei somehow comes up with a side effects to it. First, hives. He's given 'medicinal' candy, and starts hallucinating. So, eventually his brother performs 'fake' surgery on him, and he feels like he's a new person. 
Finished the Yosenabe Udon (うどん寄せ鍋) or Udon Hot Pot/stew section, and begin the next one. お鍋のしめくくりに、凍ったままのうどんを入れ、約1分ほぐさず煮込んでください。(Onabe no shimekukuri ni, kootta mama no udon o ire, yaku 1(ichi) bun hogusazu nikonde kudasai.) While watching the pot, since the udon is frozen, boil well for about a minute, without loosening, please. 召しあがり:鍋でゆでます(1食分)(meshi agari: nabe de yudemasu [1 (ichi) shoku bun]) After dressing: boil (1 meal portion) in a nabe (or pot). 
In Kuroshitsuji, Ciel sent a letter and some baby toys to Aberlin's pregnant fiancée. (Since, Aberlin died.) Ciel and Sebastian go to the Paris Expo. Ciel sees the queen on top of the Eiffel tower. Her plan is to lead England into a bright world without filth. Apparently, her butler, Ash's an angel. It seems like all the angels in this series are rather evil. Kind of an interesting perspective. Eventually, in order to 'purify' the Phantomhive name, the Queen tells Ash to kill Ciel. Then, Ciel orders Sebastian to kill both the Queen and Ash. As soon as the Queen yells at Sebastian and Ash to stop fighting, Ciel tells Sebastian to stop. This gets him pissed or something, and that night gave a subtle farewell to Ciel. So, he's forced to find his way back to London. He's not having much luck, though. :icontinoplz:

Since I'm going to use my original character Ravel for the next meme, I decided to draw his head. I actually was thinking of chibifying him, but that didn't work out.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I'll have to simplify it even more if I want to try that again. I like how his head has turned out. Creepy, but interesting. He's supposed to look similar to a devil. But, in the story, he's not one, and is constantly being confused as one. He's kind of a made up demon. I guess, that makes it more fun.:iconprussiaplz:He has 'devil' horns and a tail, and his eyes are a bit creepy. That last part wasn't exactly planned, but it fits him so well, I'll keep them like that. I thought the horns would look horrible, but they just make him look more twisted. I drew the tail off to the side, and even that looked cool.:iconheroamericaplz:His personality isn't evil, but he may look it. He's a bit of a pervert, but kind and thoughtful. (Strange.:iconkikuplz:) I really don't know how he came about in my head a while ago, but he's interesting. 

deviantART faves: Oh Look...It's Iceland Learn Russian With Ivan Learn Russian With Ivan l.2 Character List Meme Denomic Rabbit I did not make these! First, a cute drawing of a chibi Iceland from Hetalia. Second, learning the Russian alphabet with Russia from Hetalia. (aka Ivan.) This reminded me of when I was learning it. It was only for a brief time in college, but I loved it. It was like a puzzle to me, then just a language. I might go back to it at some point, who knows? Third, is about learning Russian phrases, again with Russia. (By the same artist, obviously.) He talks a bit to China. They're phrases, like, Good Morning, and Thank You, etc. It's really very creative, the way this person is teaching it. I recognized these phrases in Russian, too. Fourth, a meme that helps people like me, who have so many characters, put them together on one sheet. Really cool! Will be an awesome tool for me. It has 40 slots, I might be able to fill in close to half of it. Would be good to have when/if I get more characters too. All of these characters are very important to me. Fifth, a drawing with a demonic rabbit holding a butcher knife. Cute, but creepy.

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