Monday, August 16, 2010

Haru Urara


By Kagrra. It means: Beautiful Spring. A cool driving, and energetic type of rock song. Sounds like there's some traditional Japanese music elements, too. I'm liking this group more and more. :iconfrancisplz:

I didn't post yesterday, because of the heat.:iconusaplz: It got up to around 96. (That's almost 36 C.) The day before that was 95. Crazy! :iconromanoplz: I couldn't stay at my computer for too long. If I had, I think I would have fried. :onfire:Today, is going to be a bit cooler, but not by much. Like, 90. So, I decided to post this early. And, I probably won't be on much today, either. We're lucky, that if we close all the windows and curtains in the house while it's still cool; we can have natural air conditioning. Kind of nice.:iconchibipolandplz:

I went to services again! :dummy: Dad went with us, too! The Rabbi led this one. Since, our regular cantor couldn't sing, we had our old one help the Rabbi. Her voice seems to have a much deeper and emotional feel. Our regular one is good, but has a different sound. :iconchibirussiaplz:I actually agreed with what the Rabbi said during his drash. :wow: It was about what we should do in a difficult situation. Should we run away from it? Or, take a minute and try to resolve the issue? The cowardly way is obviously to run away. But, that doesn't solve the problem, it just gets handed off to somebody else. :iconlietplz: What's better is to: rise above it, think about it, and try to settle it. He talked about that guy who's being praised as an American hero in the media. The guy was a flight attendant, and had a dispute with a passenger. Eventually, he grabbed 2 beers and jumped down the emergency slide. Leaving everything to the other flight attendants. Smart. :iconwtfromanoplz: I've had times where I wanted to run away from things, too. But, this still seems irresponsible. :iconchibisitalyplz:We also had the guy from Japan show up. He attends our services towards the end of the summer every year. Sometimes, he brings his wife. I didn't get a chance to talk to him. :iconkikuplz:They were also at the Arts and Crafts thing that was at the synagogue yesterday. They were selling handmade fans. They spent a long time looking at Mom's merchandise. (She makes challah covers, tallitot, decorative boxes, kippot, and other stuff.:la:) Maybe next week I'll get to talk to them. 

We ate at Subway that night. I tried their personal cheese pizza. It was surprisingly good!:iconitalyplz: The crust seemed like it was made with the bread they use for their sandwiches. So, it was nice, firm, and soft in the middle. The sauce had a ton of garlic. Tasty! :iconhungaryplz: Then, we went to Dairy Queen. We don't usually go, since the blizzards are so big. But, now, they've made mini versions. So, I wanted to try them. I was hoping to try the pecan pie one. But, was talked into the turtle pecan. It was just the right size. Just not a very good flavor. :iconwtfukplz: Sounds like it would be, though. There was no caramel, barely any chocolate, and some salty pecans. Kind of weird, actually.:iconseychelles-plz:  What makes a turtle is the caramel. The salty pecans didn't go together with it. Oh well, it was nice and cold at least.:iconeestiplz:

Yesterday, we ate out again. Mostly just to be somewhere air conditioned. :iconsleepygreeceplz:(And, who wants to cook when it's so hot?:iconspainplz:) We went to Gandhi's, which is usually a very nice Indian restaurant. They've been slowly declining in taste, though.:iconhongkongplz:Still good, just not as good as before. We ordered Aloo Chaat for an appetizer. It's a cold dish, so it's good for that kind of day. It has cucumber, potatoes, chips (kind of like flat croutons), chickpeas, and in a really nice creamy, slightly spiced, dressing. Really good stuff. :iconchibifranceplz: But, they made it very spicy. The old me would have loved it! But, because of health problems, I have to stay away from too many spicy things. Mom and I shared some Aloo Gobi and Chicken Tikka Masala. Aloo Gobi is cauliflower, potatoes, and peas mixed together in kind of a zesty sauce. I love that stuff! :iconchibispainplz:Chicken Tikka Masala is one of my fave curries. It's got a creamy tomato spiced sauce. It sometimes feels like this place is giving smaller and smaller portions of the meat. So, it seems you end up with mostly sauce. I love the sauce, but sometimes you need a little protein. :iconchibicanadaplz:

After that, it was still hot out, so we went to Barnes and Noble, which is in the mall. I found an interesting book on drawing. We never had classes in art, at the schools I went to in this area. So, I'm self-taught.:icontinoplz: I was a member of an art club in elementary school. But, that doesn't count. (Since it wasn't an actual class.) I loved it though. The book's called The Drawing Bible. I didn't know that some of the things I'm already doing, were actual 'techniques'.:iconthailandplz:  Also, I didn't know all the mediums. Very interesting book, and I think I'll add it to my birthday list. Speaking of which, there's not much time until then! :omg:When we got home, we had some of that awesome chocolate and nut coated icecream bars. Good on a hot day. 

deviantART faves: Warm Cat APH- Your Heart is the Light Nordic Investigation Service I did not make these! First, an amazing drawing of Hijikata (from Gintama) with a cat on his lap. She's one of the people I watch, and art's always amazing! Just the colors and almost how real things are. Second, an awesome drawing of the Britannia Angel from Hetalia. The colors make an interesting effect and his expression sets the mood. Third, from another artist I watch. This one's a parody on NCIS, using the Nordics from Hetalia. Showing each country's job in the unit. She's thinking of making a comic series on it. I think that would be hilarious! And, I'd definitely read it.

A really cute, newborn kitten:

3 funny Thai commercials:

Awesome Hetalia vid. Set to one of my old faves:

Another Hetalia vid. Very fitting song:

Hetalia vid set to another one of my old faves:

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