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By News. It's basically about surviving the work week. And, instead of just waiting for the weekend, why not take each day as it comes? (There's more to it, but it's the gist.) Kind of funny. News is made up of 6 members. Used to have 9. It stands for North, East, West, and South. 2 of the members are, apparently, part of Kanjani8. Maybe I should look at more of their songs then?:iconfrancisplz:

It's been just a little below normal today. Yesterday, was just about the right temp, but was cloudy, and rained later. I got up late, because I had some weird pains on my side and I kept coughing all night long.:iconlietplz:So, of course, by the time I had felt comfortable and calmed down; it was already really late. My day's been shot because of it.:iconchibienglandplz:But, at least I got some sleep. 

I went to services again! Yay! :dummy: Dad came, too. The rabbi led it, along with our cantor accompanying him. This time I agreed with most of what he was trying to get at in his drash. But, oddly, I felt it wasn't what the verse he based it on was really talking about.:iconkikuplz:Other people felt the same. The line says you should remember what Amalek did to you during your journey from Egypt. Then, it says blot out the memory of Amalek. Don't forget. So, he was having issues saying it meant remember, then forgot, then remember.:iconchibijapanplz:Most people interpret it as, remember the horrible things that happened, learn something from it, but don't let it control your actions or life. There was also a section he talked about where people are supposed to stone to death rebellious sons.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:It's odd, because it never was put into practice, and is utterly absurd. Some rabbis broke it down to, saying it couldn't be a girl, it somehow would only happen between the ages of 13 and 13 and a half, etc. They broke it down so much, that there was no way to really follow it.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:As the rabbi said, the religion would have died out, if they did it. Became more of a cautionary tale. Like, if you rebel against your parents, this is what will happen to you.:iconchibiromanoplz:One of the people I've known for a very long time, showed up with her famous brownies.:iconitalyplz:She always brings them with her. They're made with coconuts and almonds. Good stuff.:iconhappychinaplz:If there's any left before she leaves, she goes up to everyone, saying I'm sure you can have at least one more. :iconusaplz:Kind of twists our arms. Easy to do since they are good. We had another new family show up. A mom and one of her kids. She said she has an older kid, but she wouldn't get out of bed.:iconnataliaplz:They seemed very nice. The mom saw my tallit and told her daughter that it looked pretty, and maybe someday you'll get to wear one just like that.:iconchibihungaryplz:It was a nice compliment, I'm just not used to that kind of thing.:iconswissplz:The kid was staring at it throughout most of the service. Seemed to be thinking, wow that's cool, or something.:iconheroamericaplz:

After that, we went to the Arts and Crafts Fair downtown, which is next to the waterfront and boardwalk. There was some interesting things.:iconchibisitalyplz:Like glass bottles made into wind chimes, amazing Japanese-styled (?) paintings, rock pendants, and more. There were a lot of cute dogs, too. There were free back massages, too. Looked nice, but I wanted to look at other stuff.:iconthailandplz:Then, we walked a bit around the waterfront. I took a bunch of pics. Felt like such a tourist, but I don't think I've actually taken pics of downtown.:iconsleepygreeceplz:At least, not with this digital camera. Got the giant rock, some seagulls, the pavilion, the piers, boats, and some of the houses across the water. :iconchibiamericaplz:

After that, we went to JJ's. It's a good seafood restaurant like a minute away from the waterfront. I got the fish and chips with cod. (Instead of the halibut. They make some of the best!) I also ordered a diet Coke, and when the waitress came back with it, I realized it was diet Pepsi.:iconwtfukplz:So, I told her and after a little arguing, I ordered some Dr. Pepper.:icongermanyplz:She was a bit strange. Also, didn't like that when we tried to get her attention, she said in a minute, and went to this couple that was next to us. They weren't trying to flag her down.:iconromanoplz:She wasn't too bad after that. I loved everything, except I realized, I really hate their coleslaw.:iconhongkongplz:It's got poppy seeds and orange juice in it. Another great dish they make is a smoked salmon linguine. Oh, it's the best!:iconhungaryplz:But, it was a fish and chips sort of day.:icondanmarkplz:

Then, we walked a little bit through downtown, and had some icecream at a new place. Mom had tried it a while ago, and said it was great. They let you sample any flavor you want. I decided to get the BA. It's caramel icecream, with caramel swirls. It was like caramel overload!:iconenglandispervyplz:So good! They normally give 2 scoops for a waffle cone, but since I wanted one, they rang it up as a sugar cone. So, we got a deal.:iconspainplz:After that, we looked at a bookstore. As soon as we got home, it started to downpour. We timed it just right.:iconchibirussiaplz:It's been a while since I've been downtown. A lot of the time that's because we get so many tourists during the year. (Since, we're a Norwegian-themed town.) So, it gets crowded.:iconwtfromanoplz:Maybe I should brave it and go more often. While I was walking around, I realized I've lost so much weight, my pants are falling off. They almost fell off entirely at one point. I have to get a belt or something.

deviantART fave: Hamtaro's Fate I did not make this! A hilarious comic with Hamtaro and Russia. Poor Hamtaro. 

Different multi-lingual versions of a funny pirate song, set to Hetalia pics:

Awesome song, and another tribute to Hetalia:

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