Friday, August 13, 2010



By W&Whale. A relaxing and jazzy type song. Whale's voice really sets the tone. Amazing sound. :sing: Kind of nice in between some loud music. I think it's good to have a mix.:iconchibisitalyplz: I'll probably get more music later. 

It's been nice and warm. A little warmer than normal. :iconspainplz: Supposedly, we might be in the upper 90s this weekend. Hopefully, it won't be hard to get through.:iconjapansicleplz: I forgot to mention that yesterday was Sewing Machine Day, and Vinyl Record Day. Those are 2 great inventions right there.:iconchibiamericaplz: They should have their own days. Today's International Left-Hander's Day, and the start of Kool-Aid Weekend. Go left-handers! :w00t: I'm not one, but I know they go through a lot each day. (Most things are made for right-hander's.:iconromanoplz:) Kool-Aid's awesome! :dummy: I used to drink a lot of it during the summers.:iconchibihungaryplz: (Usually, the sugar free kind.) I just noticed, I haven't had it in a long time. It's also Friday the 13th. Some people think it's an unlucky/cursed day. Others, like us, consider 13 a lucky number. So, it's a lucky day for us! :iconchibicanadaplz:

I saw my new therapist today. I think I like her. :iconchibijapanplz:Might have a better feel of what she can do, next time. I told her about most of the stuff I'm going through at the moment, and she seemed a bit overwhelmed. I love how almost everyone I talk to seems to feel that way. :iconlietplz: Just think what it's like for me!:iconprussiaplz: Hence, one of the many reasons for going to therapy.:icontinoplz:She likes that I'm becoming more observant (not sure if that was the word) with my religion. Her husband's family is Jewish. So, it was cool that she knew what I was talking about.:iconchibirussiaplz:They also made me fill out the forms again, since its been over a year from the last time I saw a therapist. :icongermanyplz: Oh, she asked me what works for me. I told her all I know is what hasn't worked.:iconkikuplz: People who seem to be in an old mindset (I guess, like someone who's in their 60s thinking like someone in their 80s), jumping to conclusions (like, saying I need to be hospitalized immediately), acting like it's nothing (telling me it was all for attention), and some others. These were all from past experiences with therapists. :iconwtfromanoplz: The one that thought it was for attention, realized later that it wasn't and I was in a serious situation. He kept calling me saying how sorry he was. Personally, I don't think any therapist should be like that.:iconwtfukplz: Because, if that person is doing it for attention, they may need even more help. She said she doesn't do any of those type of things, but if she does do anything I don't feel comfortable about or is out of line, I should tell her. That can be hard sometimes. :iconpolandplz:We'll see what she's like on my next visit. :iconchibiaustriaplz:

I also went to get my prescription at our local clinic. At first, it was weird, because they just gave me the tiny pills. I take 2 of those twice a day, along with 1 big one twice a day. (They're the same med, just different doses. Its the combo that's worked for me.:iconchibifinlandplz:) Apparently, this combo is too confusing for our pharmacy. :iconhongkongplz: We told them that my psychiatrist had filled it, and it even says on the bottle that I take it with the big pills. They looked over the info, and saw that the big ones had been under review, and were forgotten about. :iconchibienglandplz:They were very apologetic, but that seems a bit ridiculous. They had a month's supply of the big ones lying around. So, later I'll put that prescription in again, and get the next month for those. At least, I'm set for a month now. :iconchibipolandplz:
I finished the steps to the recipe. And, started putting together an English version of it. I might eventually translate the chef's profile. ➅➄をマフィンがたの半分の高さまで注いだら、丸めておいたあんを入れ、残りの➄を注ぐ。(6. 5. o mafin gata no hanbun no taka samade sosoidara, marumete oita an o ire, nokori no 5 o sosogu.) 6. and 5. Use half the amount you made in 5 and pour into muffin mold, then round off and put what's left of the an in it, then pour in the leftover's from 5. ➆荒熱がとれたら冷蔵庫で冷やして出来上がり。当日が一番おいしくいただけます。(7. Ara netsu ga toretara reizouko de hiya shite dekiagari. Toujitsu ga ichiban oishiku itadakemasu.) 7. After it's cooled, put it through cold water, and put in the refrigerator. Tastes best when eaten on the same day. 

I'm on someone's watch list! Wahoo!:iconyaykumajiroplz:That's about 23 people watching me on dA. Creepy. :iconchibilithuaniaplz: But, awesome! :iconenglandispervyplz: deviantART fave: Friends and Invasions I did not make this! It's a funny drawing showing some of the countries with their animal friends. The only one who doesn't have one is Russia. I feel sorry for him, he seems to be so misunderstood. :iconemorussiaplz:

Well, this time for Shabbat dinner, Mom's making: pesto chicken, rosemary potatoes and peas. Good stuff, right there!:iconitalyplz: For dessert, either those awesome glazed soft cinnamon twist, or an icecream bar. Which, has a really good tasting chocolate and nut shell around creamy vanilla icecream. Hmmm... Such decisions!:iconsleepygreeceplz:

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