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By Pink Martini. It's a song inspired by Edith Piaf. Awesome! :iconfrancisplz: It's so sad, but I tend to forget about her, unless I hear a song like this.:icontinoplz: She was an amazing French singer/icon. I should look for her actual songs.:iconberwaldplz: I can't really tell if they remixed an original song of hers, or had a singer who sounds awfully close to her voice. :confused: Either way, it's great. There's many interpretations of this song. Some say that she's disgusted with herself being a prostitute, some say it's a failed love story. I like the failed love story one. (Sounds closest to the translation too.) She's disgusted by it and she's lost interest in life. She doesn't want to work, eat, or love anymore. All she wants to do is smoke to forget about him. Kind of sad. :iconamericasadchibiplz:

Well, the last couple of days have been freezing! :iconromanoplz: Yesterday, was rainy, dark, and around 62 and today was similar. Wahoo! It's August already! :iconchibijapanplz:Well, at least we're not on the east coast where they're melting in the heat. Oh, since that group on dA ok'd my drawing, I've gotten 7 faves on it. 47 people have looked at it. Awesome! :iconeduardplz:

I'm done with fixing my character descriptions, finally!:iconchibifinlandplz:Also, I'll start to draw all their faces soon, along with trying to finish the meme. I looked up reviews for the 2 books that are in Japanese that I got from the library. One, just doesn't sound like my type of book. :iconwtfromanoplz: Which is In The Pool or インザプル by Hideo Okuda. (Sorry, had to change the size of font, or it would just be symbols. Blogger is weird sometimes.:iconchibienglandplz:) It's about these people who have psychological problems and see the same doctor. He has a fascination with needles. One of the stories, where the pool comes from, is about a middle-aged person who doesn't want to do anything, but swim. Another shuts everybody out while he's always on his cell phone. Unless, obviously they call him. Just doesn't sound great to me. The other is, Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad or 東京タワー:オカンとボクと、時々、オトン by Lily Franky. It seems a bit interesting. There's a movie and drama adaptation of it. All of them, including the book have won many awards. It's an autobiography of a guy who had a single mother. She got away from her abusive husband and took care of him. Later, she gets cancer, and he decides to take care of her. He gains a different perspective on life. The author himself, is an actor, illustrator, designer, lyricist, photographer, novelist, and a band vocalist. He's quite an impressive guy.:iconthailandplz:So, I guess I'll start reading that one. 

I went to services again! Yay! :iconyaykumajiroplz:It's already become a habit. Makes me happy. Wore my kippah, for like the 3rd time, and covered my eyes again for the Shema. Kind of feels different, but good. :iconchibihungaryplz: This time the Rabbi led. For a while now, it's going to be him leading the services. I'll just have to deal with it. :iconhongkongplz:I kind of didn't like a lot of what he said in his drash. Apparently, a lot of other people didn't either, and argued with him for a while. He got really flustered. It's kind of a hard portion anyways. About killing or 'dispossessing' everyone who was living in Israel before them. Like, the Canaanites. It's very bloody and disturbing for a lot of people.:iconchibichinaplz:I just don't like the direction he went with it. I agreed a lot with what other people were saying.:iconchibisitalyplz:Someone I knew in college, and a little before from another congregation, was there too. We talked about his Birthright Israel trip he just came back from. I asked him what group he went with, and it was Aish. Supposedly, Aish is Orthodox, but the way he was talking about it, maybe the group that goes isn't? It sounded like it's for a mixture of different types of Jews. Reform, Orthodox, conservative, etc., everybody. :dummy: He said it was a more balanced trip than some of the other ones. That's the type of group I want. So, it's a cross between that one, Young Judea, and Hillel.:iconchibilithuaniaplz: I'm going to try and go on the next trip. Hopefully, I'll catch it in time. :iconspainplz: I only have either until I turn 26 or through that year. From what I've heard. (Only 3 months until I'm 26.:iconromanolikesbuttplz:

I played a little more of the Sims 2. I got him to propose to someone, and I'm almost done with the 2nd floor. Apparently, his partner loves the hot tub. They stay in it all day when they visit.:iconohboyamericaplz:I'm going to try and get him to have the highest highest rank in his job, get married, and have a baby as fast as possible. His story's starting to drag a bit right now. :iconpolandplz: So, I started another family in another neighborhood. This time, I made China and a kid version of Hong Kong. These are characters from Hetalia. I forgot I didn't realize that Hong Kong would be alone most of the day, because of China's job. So, I had forgotten to get a nanny for him. Later, he was taken away by a social worker. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: When my sim got home he cried for a long time outside his home. I decided, since I wanted at least one parent and a child to start with, I should start over again. :iconlietplz: So, I made England/UK be the father of the new kid Hong Kong in the same neighborhood. (Kind of sounds like a historical thing.:iconseychelles-plz:) As soon as England got a job, I made him call for a nanny. Now, it should be good. The neighborhood they're in, is based on Romeo and Juliet. Should be interesting. I didn't realize this before, but you can, make your own neighborhood and decorate it. Maybe I'll try that at some point. :iconenglandispervyplz:

deviantART faves: Vietnam San APH: Austriaaaa The Adventures of NK and SK 2 The Adventures of NK and SK These Little Rabbats Wan-chan APH-Siam It Takes... APH: Sunset Trio Policeman Sweden, Chibi Denmark 70.67 Percent Cut From Different Cloths... Crimson Shades Commission- Son of the Moon I did not make these! Wow! I don't usually see this many good ones in my inbox. The first 2 are pretty explanatory. Amazing drawings. The next 2 are funny comics based on North and South Korea from Hetalia. I've only seen South in the anime. And, he might not return. There was so much controversy. Fifth, a funny drawing of rabbats or vampire rabbits. The rest of the line: Want to Destroy You. The next 2 are amazing drawings of Taiwan and Thailand. Eighth, a funny comic featuring North and South Italy, and Rome. Ninth, an awesome drawing of the Bad Friends Trio: Spain, France, and Prussia. Amazing use of colors. Tenth, a very cute drawing of Denmark as a policeman and Sweden as a kid. This is from one of the amazing artists I watch. Eleventh, a funny comic about Naruto and how long it took to process Hinata's confession. Twelfth, A cute pic of a beagle and cat. It tugs at my heartstrings, because I had a beagle and at the time, a cat too. Thirteenth, an awesome painting of a cardinal. Another great artist I watch. (I love her nature drawings/paintings.) Fourteenth, an awesome drawing of someone's original character. 

Wow! And I thought my goldfish lived for a long time! (Which was 10 years, by the way.)

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