Thursday, August 5, 2010

International Beer Day!


Yay! For beer! :beer: I personally don't drink it, but this is for the people who do. I can't drink it because of health reasons, and I don't like the taste. :iconswissplz: (I really want to like it, but it tastes nasty to me.) But, it makes a lot of people happy, and that's great.:iconchibiamericaplz: Also, it's good in cooking. So, in a way, I can still appreciate it. :iconchibiaustriaplz:

Wow! It's getting much warmer than what was predicted. :iconchibisitalyplz:Kind of nice. Although, according to the forecast, it's going to be in the high 60's few a days starting tomorrow. So, going from the 80's to 60's. Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz:Our weather swings too much. But, it could be wrong, like it was for today. :iconusaplz:

I woke up late. Only, because I couldn't get to sleep last night. :iconwtfukplz:When I finally got to sleep, a minute later, my alarm went off. :iconchibienglandplz: So, I decided to catch up a bit on the sleep I missed. 

Oh, and supposedly later, we're going to Costco. :dance: We were supposed to go at 12:30, I don't think it's happening. :iconromanoplz: Might tomorrow. Everytime I've gone, and actually have looked at their stuff, I'm amazed with it. And, we've gotten a lot of good stuff before. Most lasts us about 1 to 2 months. It's kind of fun, that way. :iconchibicanadaplz:

I watched Ando Natsu. She visited her parents' graves, and her grandmother in the hospital. It was kind of sad. :iconamericasadchibiplz: Her grandma gave her some money and told her to never come back, because she'll be stuck there. Plus, her grandma doesn't have much time left.
I finished the intro part of the recipe, and the ingredients list. This was a lot easier than the grill's manual. :iconheroamericaplz: 今月、夏にぴったりの和菓子「水饅頭」を牛乳で作ってみましょう。豆乳でもおいしくできます。(Kongetsu ha, natsu ni pittari no wagashi [mizu manjuu] o gyuunyuu de tsukutte mi mashou. Tounyuu demo oishiku dekimasu.) This month, we're preparing a popular summertime treat (Mizu Manjuu), so let's use milk for the main part. But, soy milk is just as delicious. [Wagashi that I translated into 'treat', can be just called wagashi, too.] 料理(マフィン型10個分)(Ryouri [mafin gata 10 ko bun) Cooking (use a muffin mold with 10 segments) くず粉.....1カップ, グラニュー糖....2カップ, 牛乳または豆乳.....1 2/3カップ, こしあんまたは粒あん.....1カップ* (Kuzuko....1 kappu, guranyuutou.....2 kappu, gyuunyuu mataha tounyuu....1 2/3 kappu, koshi an mataha tsubu an.....1 kappu*) Kuzu starch....1 cup, granulated sugar....2 cups, milk or soy milk.....1 2/3 cup, Koshi An or Tsubu An.... 1 cup* (Koshi An is a sweet an or red bean paste, Tsubu An is just supposed to be not as sweet.) (*お好みで増やしてください。)(*Okonomi de zou ya shite kudasai.) (*According to preference, increase as you please.)

The things Gintoki and Zenzo from Gintama will do to get a Shonen Jump. :iconspainplz:(Shonen Jump's a manga magazine. It's one of the longest-running, first issue being in 1968.):

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