Monday, August 23, 2010

Mambo Italiano


By Dean Martin. This one's such a classic!:iconhungaryplz:This song makes me feel like eating Italian food.:iconitalyplz:Kind of fun. 

Today's been pretty nice, weather wise. Around 70 and sunny. It don't get much better than that! :iconchibispainplz:(Although, it's a little cool for summer.) I posted a pic on dA: Female Baby Sea Turtle 2 Just a different angle of the same turtle from last time. I think you can see more of her in this one. I also started writing chapter 12. I'm not sure where it will go.:iconchibiaustriaplz:(I usually don't.) I have so many ideas for it. I couldn't decide on a name for this chapter, either. I've got like 3 candidates, though. Usually I don't decide on that until I'm further into the chapter.:iconkikuplz:So, I guess I'll keep those in mind. Played some Irish tunes. Since I haven't really played in a while, I was rusty at first. But, towards the end, I started playing like I usually do. So, that's good.:iconchibiamericaplz:Then, next time, I can only get better. I almost finished translating a section from the udon package. I would've gotten a lot more sections done, but my computer was running very slow.:iconchibienglandplz:I wonder if it was updating in the background, like it sometimes does? Oh, well. I'll probably get to do a lot more tomorrow. :iconwtfromanoplz:
In Kuroshitsuji, Ciel's looking through Snake's tent. He was almost caught by Ms. Beast.:iconraivisplz:There's a pic with all the top tier members as kids and an old man. He also finds a letter with his info on it.:iconchibilithuaniaplz:He's discovered by someone in the troupe, who people call Doll. (In the pic.) She saves him from one of the poisonous snakes. Later, she takes the disguise off, and it's Freckles. (His roommate.) Ciel was surprised since she looks so much like a guy, in her normal clothes. She tells him, if you want proof, you can look downstairs.:iconenglandispervyplz:When she asks Ciel what he was doing there, he quickly makes it sound like he was trying to steal. She buys it, a little too easily.:icongermanyplz:Even though she's a top tier member, she doesn't like to sleep in the private tents. She hates sleeping alone.
In Letter Bee, Lag and Niche are staying at Sylvette's. Since, it's close to the Bee Hive and it's cheaper. He gets to sleep in Gauche's room. It's his first day of work. He gets a new uniform. (In the pic. Along with Niche and Steak. Kind of cute.) The Empress of Amberground, both rules over the country, and is whom the citizens worship. She's also a high priestess. Aria tells Lag about what happened to Gauche on the Day of Flicker. This was when the artificial sun flickered out and a few minutes later came back on.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Just before coming back on, a government airship crashed near the town. Gauche's mom had died giving birth to his sister Sylvette. (He named her that, which was his mom's name.) The light flickering, changed him. He lost all memories of his mother. :iconwtfukplz:Supposedly, the government told everyone that they were adjusting the sun.:iconwthplz:Lag was born on that day, too. Lag and Connor help Zazie out against the gaichuu. 

I finished editing Zero's expressions in Photoshop. Then, got them all into their slots on the meme. Just have to decide if I want to label it in a blank space somewhere.:iconkumajiroplz:Like, 'filled out by____ Zero's version' or have no label. After that, I'll get to post it! So, that will probably be tomorrow.:iconchibirussiaplz:

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