Tuesday, August 10, 2010

S'mores Day!


Yay! For S'mores! :iconyaykumajiroplz:I love s'mores! :iconus-xdplz: If you haven't had one you're missing out, big time. :iconchibispainplz:What's better than, a toasted marshmallow (I 'toast' it until it catches fire and the outside is burned.:onfire:), some chocolate, sandwiched in between graham crackers! Perfect camp food. :iconchibipolandplz: (Although, at home, it's just as good.) It's also Smithsonian Day. It celebrates the Smithsonian Museum. Also, sometimes called Museum Day. Museums can be fun, and the Smithsonian's one of the best. They all deserve their own day.:iconitalysaluteplz:

It's another cooler than normal day. Wahoo! :iconromanoplz:Tomorrow should be a lot better. I posted 2 pics: Puffer Fish Starfish 2 The Puffer Fish, most people didn't see because it was practically hugging the wall. :iconheroamericaplz: The lighting was just about right when I took the pic of the Starfish. Someone already faved that one.:iconchibihungaryplz:I played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't bad, but I seemed to be a bit out of breath. :iconchibifinlandplz:And, I should have switched reeds, since this one seems to be going. Would've sounded a little better, too.:icongermanyplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first part they were at a Hanami party. (Hanami- flower or cherry blossom viewing.) Sensei talked about how Japan is more into the aesthetics than the practical. Next, there was a dust storm. He referred a lot to Asian dust. In Spring, dust coming from the deserts of Mongolia, northern China, and Kazakhstan, gets kicked up by high winds that turn into clouds of fine, dry, soil particles. These clouds are then carried eastward by winds which pass over China, North and South Korea, Japan, and parts of Russia. Sometimes it gets as far as the US. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: I've been through an intense dust storm, but it probably wasn't anything like what they get. It's a bit scary, because you can't breathe or see anything in front of you. Plus, you get a layer of dust on yourself everytime you go out in it. :iconwtfromanoplz: This happened sometimes while I went to WSU. It's basically desert on that side of the state. It wasn't fun to walk through on the way to classes.:iconnorgeplz:Anyways, sensei said he's in despair, because 'this world is blamed all the time for something that it didn't do!'
I finished steps 4 and 5 of the recipe. ➃弱火で、木製しゃもじを使って焦げないように混ぜ続ける。(4. Yowabi de, mokusei shamoji o tsukatte kogenai youni maze tsuzukeru.) 4. While simmering, continually stir with a wooden spoon, so it doesn't burn. ➄粘りとつやが出てきたら素早く火から下ろす。(5. Nebari to tsuya ga dete kitara tsubayaku hi kara orosu.) 5. When it appears to be getting sticky and glossy, quickly turn down the heat.

In Kuroshitsuji, it seemed kind of slow in this episode. :iconpolandplz: I mean stuff happened, but it didn't seem like it had the 'flair' it usually does. Ciel was told to find 'something' that a man died to protect. (The Queen won't tell him what it was, supposedly.) He doesn't find it, and the way the man died, he suspects one of the mafias are to blame. So, he goes to see Lau, who's the head of the mafia gang in Shanghai, and deals with opium. There's a new drug out, called Brown Lady, that's competing with him. Ciel tells him to create a rumor that would pin himself as bait for whoever stole the 'thing'. He agrees to it, but plans to make it a game. Later, they find out that someone else is selling candy under his company's name that's laced with the new drug. They're giving out free samples to everyone, kids and adults. :iconwtfukplz:Aberlin arrests Ciel and Sebastian for his 'involvement in the selling of dangerous drugs.' They plan to execute Lau when they find him. While arresting them, they separate Ciel and Sebastian. 

I finished the :S box from the meme. He looks a bit weird in that one, but it somehow fits. :iconenglandispervyplz: Tomorrow, I'll start the :/ box. That one looks interesting. After that, there's only one more left. So, I've done 7 so far! Wahoo! :iconhappychinaplz:His hair seems to be different everytime. I probably shouldn't have picked him for it, because of that hair. :iconkikuplz:(It's the most complex out of all the other characters, I guess.) But, oh well. Still gives me practice.:iconchibiamericaplz:

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