Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watermelon Day!


This is my wallpaper for this month. Not sure if I like it enough to keep it on there, but we'll see. :iconkikuplz: I didn't make this! It's the Bad Friends Trio (Spain, France, and Prussia) from Hetalia. Apparently, they're next to some sort of coffee drink. It was either this or Hong Kong, maybe I'll have him up next month. :iconchibicanadaplz:Yay! Watermelons are awesome! Too bad we don't have any at the moment. Maybe at some point we'll get some. :iconheroamericaplz: Today's been just about perfect, weather wise. Mid 70's and clear. Nice, what more could you ask for? :iconchibispainplz:I woke up a bit late, because I was feeling sore and a bit lethargic. (Not going to share why I was. Some of you might have a clue.:iconswissplz:) So, I didn't get much done. Much as I would have liked. :iconnataliaplz:

Posted a pic: Lobster's Head A close-up of the Lobster's head. Really was a cool looking lobster. Hmmm... Only one person's looked at it so far. Kind of sad. :iconohboyamericaplz: Just realized, dA's going through some site maintenance, and has kicked everybody off for the moment. Maybe that's why not many people have seen it. Went through 1000+ deviations in my inbox. I don't usually get it that full. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: People must be inspired or something. Computer was slow through most of the day again. :iconchibienglandplz:

Registered for the JLPT. Japanese Language Proficiency Test. You can get certified through this test. So, it's very important to me.:iconchibiaustriaplz: I'm taking the most basic/beginner's test called N5. (N1 being the most tough/advanced.)The test has been revamped this year. Looking over what they've changed, I think it will be much better. Not easier, mind you, but better. :icontinoplz: (Although, from the samples of audio online, I understand it perfectly. Maybe that is easier.) I think the test will be shorter, time wise too. It's still the same cost as last year: $40. Some of the higher levels are $50. I'm a little nervous, but I think I'll do much better than last year. I don't think I really had as much of a grasp on it as I do now. :iconeestiplz: (Only, had like 3 or 4 months to study for it last time.) 

I finished translating the Japanese grill manual! :iconyaykumajiroplz:Made my own English version!:iconchibiamericaplz: It was 3 pages long. Makes sense, because they had such small print. Now, I might actually get to use it. Maybe I'll grill some onigiri on it soon. :iconthailandplz:

deviantART faves: APH- Liechtenstein Tomatooo The Pain Meme ICECREEEEEEAM Gintama: Pretty Smile APH Hong-Kong Small Circle of Friends he tottally will Simple OC Meme Blank I did not make these! First, Liechtenstein from Hetalia in a pretty dress. Like the textures, and the drawing's not bad either. Second, Spain finding a giant tomato! Cute. Third, a funny meme, filled out awesomely. I like their oc. It was hilarious, all the things he went through, he was always emotionless. There's a Monty Python joke in it too. I might want to torture my oc's. Fourth, a funny drawing of Gintoki from Gintama drooling and finding a huge icecream sundae. It looks so good, too. I'd like to eat that. Fifth, a drawing of Kagura from Gintama smiling. Very well done. Sixth, a cute drawing of Hong Kong surrounded by pandas. Nicely drawn, too. Seventh, an awesome drawing of Gintoki, Katsura, and Shinsuke from Gintama. They used to be close friends during the Joi war. Eighth, a hilarious LOLcat. Ninth, a basic, but looks very useful, oc meme. Hope to fill it out sometime. 

One of the many hilarious moments in Gintama:

Another fitting tribute to Russia from Hetalia:

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