Wednesday, August 4, 2010

National Chocolate Chip Day!


Yay! For another chocolate holiday! :iconchocolatesplz: It deserves lots of holidays. It's also US Coast Guard Day. They deserve at least a day too! :salute: It's been nice and warm today. Perfect summer weather.:iconspainplz: I started editing chapter 11, and oddly I'm not seeing many mistakes. :confused: I've made it almost to the end. Tomorrow, I'll probably look at the rest, and correct the Word version. Then, I might look over it one more time. After that, it will be ready to post. Played more Irish tunes. It wasn't too bad. Most of the songs were played pretty well. At one point, I thought the sound sounded too watery, so I sucked in to clear it up. That's what you're supposed to do when that happens. I ended up sucking in a huge amount of air, and choked. Wahoo! Go me! :iconwtfromanoplz: It's a nasty thing to have to do anyways. It's the joys of having a wind instrument. :iconseychelles-plz:
I started translating a recipe from ソイソース or Soy Source. It's a local Japanese newspaper. They're based in Seattle, where there's a large Japanese population. Central Market, which is our international market, provides the newspaper. (It's really our only market.:iconchibicanadaplz:) There's a lot of other Japanese places in the area that do too. It's free at these places. Still working on the intro part. It's a recipe for Milk Manjuu. (Or ミルク饅頭) Manjuu is a traditional Japanese confection. It's a steamed bun which comes in a variety of different fillings and types. There's an (which is red bean paste), matcha (green tea), mizu (water. Usually eaten in the summertime and has a flavored bean filling. Exterior's made with kuzu starch, which makes the dough look translucent and jelly-like.), fried, and orange-flavored cream. There's a lot of other types and fillings, but this is some of the more famous ones. Sounds like it would be tasty. :drool: So, the sooner I finish translating, the sooner I can make it. :iconchibisitalyplz:
In Fairy Tail, it was the story behind Happy and Natsu. (Happy's the cat that can fly, in the pic.) While pounding his fists on a tree, a 'dragon's egg' fell on Natsu. (This was about 6 years ago.) Mira and Erza used to fight, just like Gray and Natsu do now. :iconromanoplz: Lisanna, who was Mira's sister, suggested that she and Natsu take care of the egg until it hatches. They make a house just for it. While they're keeping the egg warm, Natsu and Lisanna become closer. Elfman took the egg one night, because he felt they weren't keeping it warm enough. As soon as he handed it over to Natsu, it hatched. And, lo and behold, Happy came out! :dummy: They named him Happy, because he seemed to make everyone in the guild happy. So, Natsu's not only his friend, but like a father to him. :iconchibihungaryplz:

I worked some more on the D: box from the meme. It took up most of the time, but I finally got his hair to lay right. :iconfrancisplz: Started inking it a little. I'll finish that part tomorrow, and maybe move on to the :s box.

deviantART fave: APH- Buon Compleanno I did not make this! It's a cute drawing of North and South Italy (Romano) from Hetalia. Really, nicely drawn. 

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