Friday, August 20, 2010

Shut Me Up


By Mindless Self Indulgence. I find this song kind of funny, and cool. :iconspainplz:The sound's awesome, and I love the whip part. I used to really be into the punk/hard rock/alternative music genre. I still kind of am, but not as much.:icontinoplz:I think the first time I heard this was a couple of years ago in an amv, oddly. It was awesome! Maybe I should look for more of their songs. (Be warned: there is some swearing. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.:iconhongkongplz:)

Today's been cold again. Supposedly, next week will be warmer!:dummy:I got up late again. Mainly, because I went to bed hungry, and felt sick when I tried to get up. I'm hungry...Get in my belly!I hate when that happens!:iconchibienglandplz:I thought I had plenty to eat last night. We're still waiting for the plumber. I don't think he wants to come back.:iconromanoplz:I posted 2 pics on dA: Black Fish 2 Female Baby Sea Turtle Please check them out! Those baby turtles were cute!:iconchibihungaryplz:I wanted to play my clarinet, but had forgotten something, and stopped playing. (Dad was having voice lessons over Skype. So, it was hard for them to hear each other.) 

I'm almost done with the Kake Udon section of the package. It's giving suggestions on what to put into the broth with the noodles. Kind of cool. I might post it on Sunday or Monday. I also worked a bit on cleaning up one of Zero's expressions and put it into it's slot on the meme. I only have a few more spots left! So, I'm almost there! :iconheroamericaplz:

I'm going to try and catch up on some anime later. Also, since I only have 3 days left until I return it, I'm going to at least start one of the Japanese books I got from the library.:iconohboyamericaplz:Might start another J-drama, too. (There's a lot more I'm planning to do.) So much to do! So little time! :iconchibilithuaniaplz:

deviantART: APH- Paint Job Pastafarians I did not make these! First, a funny drawing with North and South Korea playing with paint. North Korea's the artist's oc based on Hetalia. I love this artist's work! And, they're on my watch.  The character fits Hetalia so well! Second, this was hilarious! What would happen if North and South Italy met the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I had, sadly, forgotten about the FSM. Very funny idea. 

A bunny and a Husky playing:

An awesome tribute to the World Cup, Hetalia style:

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