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By Alice Nine. Kind of a cool sounding song. The imagery in the lyrics are amazing, too. Alice Nine's a Visual Kei and Oshare-Kei band. (I don't know much about the Oshare ones. So, that's interesting.) They formed in 2004. They vary from being in the soft alternative rock to hard rock genre. I might be becoming a fan of them, too.:iconfrancisplz:

Today's been kind of cold. We're supposed to be in the mid 70's, but for last few days its been 59 to 64. Crazy! It's Fall weather, but it's not Fall yet!:iconromanoplz:My mom left this morning for her first treatment of Doxil. It's a type of chemotherapy. They have to administer it through an IV for 4 hours.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Just for the first one. After that, they'll do it faster and it will be like an hour, I think. Plus, she had to be with a nurse before hand for a half hour. I hope it went ok, and doesn't take too much out of her and that it's not too painful.:iconamericasadchibiplz:They said she'll probably lose some hair again. I'm hoping this works at least a little. 

I watched Naruto Shippuden yesterday, and it was crazy!:iconus-xdplz:Nagato revived everyone he had killed (after making peace with Naruto), then died.:iconsadrussia:So, Kakashi, the Toad Sage, Shizune, and many others; are back. I was thinking, they can't kill them off yet, since they're such big players in the show.:iconkikuplz:Konan's leaving the Akatsuki, and also believes Naruto will bring peace. When Naruto makes it back to the village, everyone cheers for him. It almost felt like it was the end of the series.:iconchibijapanplz:I know it's not, just felt Hopefully, he'll become the Hokage because of it. Or at least, after the 5th dies. It was a pretty cool episode. Fairy Tail was pretty cool, too.

I posted a pic Catfish on dA. Someone faved it already! Yay! :dummy:

Read a bit more of the manga version of Hetalia. They talk a bit more about Canada. :iconchibicanadaplz:Also, about his love of maple syrup. It was very interesting, how the creator came up with the series. (He makes a note on this page.) His name's Himaruya Hidekaz. He came up with it while studying in New York. He was fascinated by the people from so many different nationalities living there. The 'melting pot' of cultures. At first, he wanted to draw a useless hero with New York as a backdrop. After researching some countries, initially, he thought it would be a one-shot. Sounds like even he didn't think it would get so big.:iconchibirussiaplz:He started with an interest in Italy.:iconchibinitalyplz:I'm liking the creator more and more. And, the series too!:iconchibihungaryplz:
Yesterday, I finished the Zaru Udon (ざるうどん) or Chilled Udon section. And, today, I'm halfway through the Yosenabe Udon (うどん寄せ鍋) or Udon Hot Pot section. Zaru is a bamboo draining basket. ゆであがったうどんを手早くザルにあげて冷水で冷し、水気を奔分にきって器に盛り、お好みのつゆと薬味をそえてお召しあがりください。(Yude agatta udon o tebayaku zaru ni agete reimizu de reishi, mizuke o hon bun ni kitte utsuwa ni mori, okonomi no tsuyu to yakumi o soete omeshi agari kudasai.) Cook the udon, quickly put it on a zaru and run it over cold water, let it drain. Then, put a helping in a bowl, choose your favorite broth and condiments to garnish on top. It's ready to eat.
In Shiki, it's getting creepier and creepier.:iconchibichinaplz:Although, I'm oddly fascinated by it. (I like horror, but this is a bit psychological, too.) The children of the town have more of an idea then most of the adults of what's going on. The adult who's catching on almost as quick as the kids, is the doctor Toshio. After speaking to the monk about it, he's starting to suspect it, too. They're not sure if these 'visitors' are vampires, zombies, or a folk tale the town has.:iconwtfukplz:They kind of sound like they are a mixture. Some zombies, some vampires, etc. I could be wrong. 

deviantART faves: Friends 6 APH: World Issues Bad Friends Advice Robin- 4jo I did not make these! First, this comic is so true! Second, a drawing of Russia with the smoke, China with the flooding, and England with the possibility of another recession. Third, France and Spain trying to give advice to Prussia. Fourth, a very cute and well done pic of a small Robin Redbreast. 

A funny Hetalia vid. I've heard the song on a Gintama amv, but this one's more cute, I guess:
Another cute Hetalia vid. It's cool they fit in a lot of the countries. It's they're chibi versions doing a dance:
A cool tribute to the Asian countries in Hetalia:
Interesting Jewish Yemenite song:

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