Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning Star


By W & Whale. Kind of another fun and cool song from them. I love Whale's voice!:iconchibihungaryplz:The music isn't half bad either.:iconeestiplz:

It's been pretty hot today. Not as hot as the last couple of days were. Thank G-d!:iconkikuplz:It's at least tolerable. So, I was able to actually work at my computer! Wahoo! :dummy:

My mom went to her doctor yesterday. Just kind of to go over things. They're still not going to take out the abdominal tumor, even though its grown to be so big. :iconwtfukplz: They're more worried about the metastatic breast cancer in her spine. And, the tiny granule nodes they just found in her lungs, may be more of that. So, he suggested a new drug for her to try. This time it will at the very least stop both the tumor and breast cancer from spreading, and shrink it. He said it may even go away with this med. So, that was one good thing about her visit. :iconchibiamericaplz:It's better than nothing. She'll start it soon. 

Wahoo! Tasha actually was very affectionate today!:iconfrancisplz:She usually isn't. She came in my room, and after showing her it was ok, jumped on my bed. She never does that!:wow:She begged for me to pet her while we were up there. Another thing she doesn't do. Even sat on my lap!:faint:These may seem like simple cat things, but she has hard time doing them. I think she's finally coming out of her shell. Should be since we've had her for almost 3 years.:iconromanoplz:

We've been waiting for the plumber to install a new toilet in my bathroom. This is the same toilet that the ceiling was leaking from. Now, the ceiling's dried up and cracked. Looks nasty.BlehBut, anyways, he was supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago. Then, he didn't tell us he went on vacation for a few days.:iconnataliaplz:After that, I have no idea why he hasn't done it. (Probably, forgot?:iconchibienglandplz:) We finally called about it on Thursday, and he said he'd be here today. We called again, and he said he would come by this afternoon. Still no sign of him. (It's almost 6:30pm right now.) I just would like to use my bathroom again. Is that too much to ask? :iconwthplz:

I posted another pic on dA: Stingray It was kind of a cool shot of it. I also came up with a lot of ideas for chapter 12. I was really surprised I could come up with so many.:iconhappychinaplz:This really could become a series. It still feels like I'm just warming up.:iconus-xdplz:There's just so many directions it can go!:iconsleepygreeceplz:I played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't bad. Used a newer reed, so it sounded better. But, still a little rusty. Makes sense since I haven't played in a few days.:iconhongkongplz:
I finished typing up an English version of the Milk Manjuu recipe. Sounds like it would be even tastier put together.:iconhungaryplz:Next, I started translating the Sanuki udon package. Bought the udon a while back, was really good. The brand name is カトキチ (or Katokichi). Sanuki udon is actually from the Kagawa prefecture. Which used to be the Sanuki province. It's located on Shikoku Island. It's one of their specialties. The only other thing I translated was that you can eat this hot or cold. Kind of nice. :iconthailandplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the first topic was: this world has marked numerous items as excluded. Example: trying to play an online vid when Macs are excluded. Next, was about what Spring based things are really about. According to sensei, mostly bad things. Kodou delivers newspapers in Spring. But, they're not like other newspapers. (He's such a weird, and oddly likable character.) They actually noticed Usui! He becomes the new class rep by process of elimination. 
In Kuroshitsuji, as a kid Lau wanted to be a butterfly. He was really trying to escape the horrible things that were going on around him. Apparently, Sebastian was the one who had spread the Black Death in Europe. He's tortured through most of the episode. (But, he seems to like it.) Aberlin asks to be Ciel's ally. (He's in the pic above.) He agrees, and they go off to investigate who's actually making the candies. Lau's already leaving on a ship. Eventually, they find the man who's responsible for the candies, and Ciel asks for Sebastian. Tells him to eliminate Lau. They storm the ship. The Queen wants to involve Europe and then the world into a war. Mainly through the drug: Lady Brown. Lau kills Abelin. He came in between just as Lau was about to slash Ciel down. I liked him! Why?! :iconamericasadchibiplz:He was about to get married, talked about having kids, and changing England into a better place. So sad!:iconsadrussia:They defeat Lau and Ranmao. 

I went to go scan my drawings using Mom's printer. I felt like I broke it, because it started turning itself on and off, making funky noises, and the wi-fi kept going in and out.:iconseychelles-plz:While I was trying to figure out what was going on, There were 2 loud, house shaking, booms. It freaked me out!:iconromanolikesbuttplz:Apparently, they were 2 F-15 fighter jets rushing from Portland which triggered 2 sonic booms. Everyone from there and up through the Puget Sound region heard it. (And, felt it.) It knocked out the 911 service to parts of Pierce county for about an hour. :iconchibilithuaniaplz:The jets were responding to an airplane that had entered restricted presidential air space. The president's visiting Seattle. :iconchibicanadaplz:

Anyways, I managed to get my drawings scanned using Dad's scanner. I then cut out each box for the meme on Picasa. Just for fun, I sped through them in slideshow mode. It looked like Zero was actually making those faces in an animation. Cool! :iconeduardplz:Might make an animated version. (I'll have to figure that out.) I'm hoping I can install Photoshop on my computer, since it will help me a great deal. Hope it doesn't kill it, since it's such a huge program. :iconwtfromanoplz:

One of the first songs I heard from Kagrra. And, one of my faves still. 

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