Monday, August 2, 2010

Kimi no Inai Sekai


By Kimaguren. It translates to Within Your World. A fun, relaxing, emotional song. Just their sound is amazing. :iconchibihungaryplz: I watched the vid on JpopAsia, and it's even more emotional. Maybe I should look for more of their music. :idea: The band defines themselves as the 3 L's: Life, Love, and Local. They use many genres, mainly: reggae, hip-hop, Latin, bossa nova and rock. They have kind of an island sound. The duo formed in 2005. Interesting that one of them attended Syracuse University. :iconchibirussiaplz:

It's been kind of chilly for most of the day. :iconnataliaplz: When it warmed up, there was still a cold breeze. Makes it hard when you want to go for a walk. A little too hot for a coat, but when there's a wind, it's too cold to go without. It's like I can't win! :iconwtfukplz:(And a little later, it got hot.) Maybe tomorrow will be better. My computer must be doing something like updating, because it's extremely slow at the moment. It's a bit annoying. I feel like punching it, but that wouldn't help. :iconchibienglandplz: (Ha! I was right, it was updating!)

I posted chapter 10 on one of the old forums I like. We'll see what they think.:iconfrancisplz:I played some more Irish tunes. I seemed a bit rusty, but overall wasn't too bad. I really think I should play during the weekend. Might not be as rusty on Mondays. :iconkikuplz:

I found out registration for the JLPT starts today, I'm going to do it later. I started making an English version of the manual. Trying to have a better feel of it, and maybe polish a few things. :iconchibisitalyplz: Also, it would be nice to have a translated copy. Got through 3 sections already. Those took me so long to figure out in the beginning!:iconchibijapanplz: Should be done in a couple of days then. Really interesting to see the sentences together.

In Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian and Ciel took a tour of the circus' backstage. The main cast or first-tier have their own private tents. Snake is a snake charmer, and lives with many poisonous snakes, they're advised to stay away from his tent. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: Competition to be in the first-tier is very high. Sebastian shows off at the practice tent. Will, one of the Death Gods (or Shinigami or Grim Reaper, whatever you choose), has also 'joined' and is investigating it. In a few days, there will be an inspection of a large quantity of souls. He tells Sebastian to stay out of it. 

In Hetalia, Sweden (Sve) and Finland are still on the run from Denmark.:iconchibiswedenplz::iconchibifinlandplz:They make it to Estonia's home. He's also terrified of Sve. After Sve introduces himself, he calls Finland his wife. :icontinoplz: (He's not!) Estonia, Latvia, and Finland have a happy reunion, then Sve says Latvia and Estonia are going to his place. :iconeestiplz::iconchibilatviaplz:They tell him they would have to ask Poland. Poland arrives and doesn't want to give them up. :iconchibipolandplz:After he tells Sve this, his anxiety of strangers kicks in and he cowers behind Lithuania. In the end, Sve takes half of Estonia and Latvia with him. (It would have been interesting to see how that part would be portrayed.)
In Letter Bee, Gauche's name had been erased from the Bee registry. Lag meets Sylvette Suede. (She's in the pic with Lag, Steak, and Niche behind her.) She's heard about him from Gauche. She shows him the pink slip she got 4 and a half years ago. It said that he went missing, and he didn't show up to his disciplinary hearing. His punishment was having his crossing permit revoked. They still don't know where he is. They think he might have temporarily lost his sanity. The slip's a notice of termination. Sylvette has given up hope, and thinks that he's dead, which to her would be the only explanation.:iconsadrussia:She was glad to meet Lag, but tells him to never see her again. As soon as he leaves and is heading back to where he's staying, he turns and goes back to see her. Saying that he'll be her hope. The landscape's and background's are amazing in this series! Almost lifelike. :iconchibispainplz:

I worked more on drawing Zero in the D: box of the meme. I might have made his face too expressive. I don't know. :iconswissplz:I'll go over it again tomorrow. I might get to the next one, which is :s then too. Interesting one.

Went to the library and got my account renewed. Haven't used it for about a year, so it expired. :iconusaplz: I got 2 books that are in Japanese! :dummy: One that's about swimming, another about the Tokyo Tower. Should be very interesting to see how much I can get from it. I wanted to read Rasen, too. It's a horror novel. (I think I remember watching a movie version of it.) Way too big for me at the moment, though. There was another one, but I thought that was too big, also. So, I think these are good to start with. I might get some more books on the culture again. We'll see.:iconchibiamericaplz:

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