Friday, October 1, 2010

Simchat Torah


This is my wallpaper for October. Kind of cute.:iconseychelles-plz:Found 3 other nice wallpapers, too. I'm low on them, so I got a few. Might make me hungry everytime I look at it, but I like it. Today's Simchat Torah! Yay!:la:It's a day that we celebrate the Torah. (Literally rejoicing in Torah.) Marks the end and beginning of the weekly parsha (Torah portion) readings for the year. During the service, there's dancing with the Torahs, singing, candy, and the Torah's read. Each person can take turns holding and dancing with the Torah. I think we also unroll it across the room. So everyone gets a chance to look at it. It's really long, so it's cool to see the whole thing laid out like that.:iconhappychinaplz:Everyone has to hold it up, too. It's a really fun and interesting holiday. We have a service tonight for it. Tomorrow morning, Mom's going to lead services. Since, both the Rabbi and Cantors are going to be gone. Man, she should become a Rabbi or something.:iconchibiamericaplz:She's always the one to step up and help when asked.

My cat, Natasha (or Tasha for short), had her vet appointment yesterday. Just to update all her shots and look at something on her chin. Turns out she has feline chin acne.:iconchibijapanplz:And we were seeing a scab after she had scratched at it for a while. I feel sorry for her.:iconamericasadchibiplz:But, they gave us something to heal it for now. They told us we probably should get her a ceramic plate for her food.

Tasha actually jumped on my bed for more than 5 minutes a couple of nights ago.:wow:I miss our more cuddly cats, so that was a treat for me.Tight HugA lot of the other cats would sleep with me, sit on our laps, sit in between us on the couch, lick us every so often, actually meow, follow us, and other stuff. She doesn't do that stuff. I kind of feel like we need another cat to play with her, and for us to have a cat to cuddle with. I love her a lot, just feels like something's missing.:paranoid:Also, Tasha seems to be getting bored lately.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Later, I had my eye exam. Since, my regular doctor suffered a stroke, the place I usually go to directed us to a newer place. It's at least until they find a replacement. He was really good.:iconpolandplz:He liked to joke a lot with us, too. This one has a lot of different tests. I felt like I was seeing stars for a while.:iconchibirussiaplz:I really hate that Glaucoma test!:iconbraginskiplz:But, it runs in the family. It was the first exam since I got my contacts a year ago. I still love them, and probably will never go back to glasses. The doctor that I saw, said my eyes had actually improved. My eyesight is not the best, so that was nice to hear.:iconthailandplz:

At first I thought the prescription wasn't too bad. My left eye was a little fuzzy at first, but I thought it could be because I wasn't used to it or something. The right, had a perfect prescription. So, I waited until today. I couldn't see out of my left at all.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I can't go around all day with just one eye that's good. Plus, it was giving me a huge headache.:iconchibienglandplz:Things weren't lining up right either. So, I switched to my old pair. I can see a lot better. Further evidence that it wasn't right.:icongermanyplz:So, we made another appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully, it will come out right.
I started another drama on Tuesday, called Untouchable. It was very interesting, funny, kind of cool, and very well done. Another good mystery series. The main character is Narumi Ryoko, who used to work at a leading magazine called the 'National Journal'. She switched to working for the 3rd rate magazine called the 'Untouchable Weekly'. She uncovers a very deep and complicated controversy. That's bigger than anybody expected. They were bring 'divine punishment' to the nation's main construction company. Saying that they were corrupt. They purposefully made everything look like tragic accidents and blamed it on the company. 
Started one on Wednesday called Bloody Monday. It's really good, very suspenseful, and intense. It's about a terrorist plot to wipe out Tokyo. They already wiped out a small town in Russia. They're using a very deadly, nasty, and painful virus. It's called Bloody X. Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit, codenamed THIRD-i, recruits a genius hacker, Takagi Fujimaru, to help them find out about what happened in Russia. He's been a lot smarter than the unit. The terrorist group is thinking of using him somehow. They've already killed his father, and threatened to kill his sister. The first episode was an hour and a half. It was like watching a really good movie. I think this one's the best of the ones I've started this week. I tried another one yesterday called Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo. Had great promise, but I felt it was the worst one I've watched so far. I found a couple of dramas that might be good to try next Thursday. So, we'll see. 

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