Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi


By Buono!. Kind of a nice soothing song. Buono is a Hello! Project unit consisting of 3 members. The song's about someone dreaming. The title means: The Sheep in the Stars. Just from the title it sounds a little trippy.:iconheroamericaplz:The song makes me feel sleepy. I might look more at their songs. I didn't realize they were part of Hello! Project. If I had, I wouldn't have looked at this one.:iconkikuplz:

Had another tough night.:sleep:I couldn't get warm for a while. And, when I finally was, there was a loud thud from something falling. Of course, that woke me up.:iconchibienglandplz:Wahoo! Hopefully, tonight won't be the same.

I took my character descriptions list off of dA.:iconpolandplz:Mainly, because I plan to post each description with each character's drawing I submit. (Or memes.) It may be a bit cleaner for people to see, if it's one at a time. I'll still keep the list for reference, and for when I post those drawings. Also, it may be easier to steal my characters if in list form.:iconromanoplz:I'm not sure if they're the best characters, but I love each one.:love:They're all important to me.:iconbraginskiplz:

I worked on more categories for my character descriptions. I'm going to call them character sheets from now on.:iconthailandplz:Also, decided a name for my new character. It means Wolf Folk Song in Romanian. I thought it was interesting. The character sheets are looking a lot better and more detailed. It'll help a lot with character development.:iconchibiamericaplz:Tomorrow, I'll work more on it. Eventually, I'll get back to writing chapter 12. The ideas are still flowing.:work:
I finished the chart on the udon package. I'm going to go over the other translated bits of it tomorrow. I've learned a lot since I started that chart, and I want to make sure it's good.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Then, I'll post it on here. I'll also do the extras tomorrow.

I sketched out the Sour slot. It's a pretty funny face.:iconenglandispervyplz:Similar to this: >x< Tomorrow, I'll fix and ink it. Not sure what he'll say. Maybe just: Woah! Then, move on to the Sweet slot. I'm not sure how that will turn out. The sour one was a bit easier to figure out, I think.:icontinoplz:

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