Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wa! Wa!! World Ondo


From the Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers Paint it, White movie soundtrack. (Ginmaku, just means silver screen.) Which I still haven't seen.:iconusaplz:I want to so badly!:iconprussiaplz:Kind of a fun Ondo featuring a lot of the countries. Ondo is a type of Japanese traditional folk music. It has a certain distinguishable beat. I love hearing them.:iconfrancisplz:

It's really pretty out today, and a bit warmer. Kind of nice.:iconthailandplz:I got foundation and blush yesterday. The ones I was using were at least a few years old.:iconwtfukplz:And, this is a different brand. I went from CoverGirl to Maybelline. I'm liking them so far. The foundation feels a lot better.:iconseychelles-plz:I posted a pic on deviantART: Window View Probably not the best, but I think it was the first pic taken on my digital camera a year ago. So, I thought it would be interesting. I'm going to stop reading Kuroshitsuji. It's really getting old.:icontinoplz:So, that just means, I'll have to find a new manga to replace it.:iconberwaldplz:There are only 3 more sections to the chart on the udon package. And, once I translate that, I'll post it on here.:iconchibicanadaplz:

I played some Irish tunes. I haven't played in a long time, but it sounded pretty good. I did really well with the last tune: The Gold Ring. It's also one of the longest tunes I have. Actually had a really good feel while playing today, too. It was really nice.:iconchibiaustriaplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was Tanabata. It's a star festival that originated in China. In Japan, people write their wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo trees. Kafuka explains that everyone's wishes are sent to the stars. Chiri's slip of paper read, "We wish to have Shisa talismans in our classroom." Sensei says she's one of those people that express their opinions as if it were everyone else's. He calls these people large in subject. Chiri gets possessed by Subject Spirits. They end up lumping people and things into groups, as if to sum them up. Which to their extreme can be scary. Later, all the female students get possessed by animal spirits and have a summit. That's the thing with this manga. It's so strange, lots of satire, funny views of philosophy, etc., it never gets old. I hope they make another anime season of it. 
In Hetalia, Germany and Japan are still trying to go on a 'healthy' diet. And as you can read, only eating tomatoes. (Did Romano teach them that or something?) Italy tells them, if they keep up these extremes, their health will just get worse instead. He tells them that it'd be better if they'd eat wonderfully tasty food. After a while, they finally give up on their tomato diet. But, they go right back to the salty foods and beer. Even Italy tells Japan to stop eating salty foods. They seem to not have understood what Italy meant. 
I started a new anime called Psychic Detective Yakumo. It's really good so far. Reminds me a lot of Ghost Hunt. But it seems better, more interesting, bit more complex a story, and cooler. The music's pretty awesome. It's about a college student named Yakumo Saito, who was born with 2 different colored eyes. He can see ghosts and spirits with his left eye. He wears a contact usually, so he doesn't look weird. He believes there's a certain cause for ghosts to be around, and by eliminating that 'cause', those spirits can rest in peace. Haruka asks him for help thinking that her friends are possessed, and hoping he can save them somehow. He can't, but they investigate what's really going on. 

I'm done with drawing and inking Ravel for the Spicy slot. Next, is the Salty slot. Not sure how I'm going to do that one.:iconchibijapanplz:When I'm done with all the slots in the meme, I'll put speech bubbles on it using Photoshop. Which should be interesting.

deviantART faves: StupidFox- 36 APH: Baltics in a Jar Beggars I did not make these! First, poor StupidFox. Second, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in a jar. Kind of funny and cute. Third, a funny comic featuring England and a cat version of America. Reminds me so much of the cats I've had. Tasha might beg, but barely eats it when we give it to her. She for some reason, loves her cat chow more than our food. (You'd think it was like the equivalent of chocolate or something.) Pretty rare for a cat. But, she gets a similar look. 

The ending theme to Joker:

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