Thursday, October 28, 2010

National Chocolate Day!


Wow! A day set aside just for chocolate!:iconhungaryplz:I love most chocolate. The only ones I don't particularly care for, are the really dark. Like 100% dark.:iconkikuplz:The rest is awesome! We've got some Nutella and hot chocolate. I should have some later.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Bloody Monday's getting even more intense.:la:I think Fujimaru's dad is just spying on the terrorist organization. He's not actually 'working' for them. Just wants to protect his daughter. J seems like an odd leader for the group.:icongermanyplz:They underestimated Fujimaru big time. But, I think his friend's even smarter. 

Worked on another character's info. Started translating the first article in the North American Post. I really just got around to the title.:icontinoplz:It was a bit long. It's about the 13th annual local Fall Matsuri or Festival (秋祭り). There's a big Japanese population in this area. Kind of cool. I didn't know there was a matsuri here.:iconsleepygreeceplz:
In Dear, they're still at the party. The Punitive Squad are working there. Kisara has to dress like a woman, according to the captain. Supposedly, the captain wants to lower the enemy's guard down. The target's a demon in the shape of an animal. They hear about what happened to Chiruha, and check it out. Chiruha and Komomo manage to get out of the room they fell into. They find out the patron is going to auction off baby demons. That's illegal. So, he tries to bribe them into  keeping silent. When that doesn't work, he tries to shoot them. But, Subaru shoots him instead. The captain and Kisara's team show up right after. The squad's doctor asks if Komomo wanted to come along with the Punitive Squad. Subaru and Kisara were both worried about the girls. Kisara warns Chiruha to stay away from Subaru. He just doesn't trust him. He's also a bit jealous, that she'd say Subaru's handsome, but Kisara's cute. He forgot he was wearing the dress entirely. He even went into the men's room and freaked out one of the guys.:iconenglandispervyplz:

In Naruto Shippuden, it was yet another flashback.CURSE YOU!It's getting a bit annoying. There were a few 'new' things. The village's still recovering. Kankuro's worried that Konoha will be attacked again by the Akatsuki. This time it will be without their Hokage. Gaara thinks they'll be ok, since they have Naruto. I watched this week's episode, and it was another flashback. Only, this time it was funny enough to stay and watch it.:iconheroamericaplz:They think Naruto has a deadly chakra virus. So, throughout most of the episode, they're trying to capture him. Next week's looks like another flashback. When are they going to actually continue the story?:iconromanoplz:

I worked more on Max's head. He's turning out much better than I thought he would. It actually looks like a skull.:iconchibirussiaplz:And, it should. So, I guess I'm doing something right. I like the effect it gives.:iconchibiamericaplz:

deviantART faves: Clothing Reference Cat Bacon Chibi Tutorial I did not make these! First, a nice way to put down as reference what your OCs would normally wear in those situations. Second, a funny/cute drawing of a cat eating bacon. This is something from one of the artists I watch. It may be a bit weird for some. Especially, since it has no arms or legs. But, it fits his oddness. Look at his other stuff, and you'll know what I mean. He makes awesome games too! Third, I've been looking for a chibi tutorial lately. I know they seem so simple, but mine seem to always turn out weird. So, it was good to find. 

Another one of those awesome tributes to Hetalia. Very fitting:

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