Monday, October 11, 2010



By Rip Slyme. This is a definite new fave!:iconchibihungaryplz:Latin flare, jazzy, energetic, etc. The first time I heard it was during the ending theme of Joker. The drama I just started last Thursday. It's looking like another really good mystery/crime drama. It's about a 'mild-mannered' detective named Date. The police force call him a 'Buddha' or a 'Saint' because of his personality. He doesn't seem to get angry or upset while on the job. But, when a criminal gets away scot-free, he takes matters into his own hands. After work, he finds these criminals and viciously punishes them. He doesn't kill them, he just makes them suffer, and then sends them to some deserted place.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Very interesting show. Oh, and I found a ton more songs! Yay!:iconthailandplz:

It felt nice and warm today. It was somewhat chilly in the shade, and warm in the sun. Kind of a typical Fall day. I finished watching Bambino. Nice ending.:iconchibiamericaplz:Ban makes it to a restaurant in Rome. The head chef of Baccanale leaves with the chef that was in Hakata to a small island. They open up a restaurant there. They feel happy to start from scratch, and in solitude. It's sad that it's over though.:iconrussiacryingplz:It was one of my first Jdramas. I think Ando Natsu was the first, and that was because I briefly saw it on TV Japan. I'm still not finished with that one, though. The last episode isn't subbed.:iconchibienglandplz:I'm debating whether next time I should just watch it without subs. I don't know. 

I finished my 2nd application with Kesher. Now, I have to wait.:bored:They say, soon I'll get an email asking me to accept or decline a trip that they select for me. When that happens, and I accept it, I'll know that I'm going. Sometime between now and a few weeks away they're going to do a phone interview. Even if you know you're going, they still will call. Yay! I love waiting!:icontinoplz:

I went to services on Saturday. Had a pretty good turn out. We had both cantors and the Rabbi leading it this time. Interesting, when it's all 3 of them. And, it sounds awesome!:iconfrancisplz:The parsha this time was about the tower of Babel. It was a pretty interesting one, and I somewhat agreed with the Rabbi's drash.:wow:

Later, we went to pick up Dad's contacts, and my trial pair contacts. These seem to be pretty good, and stay clear throughout most of the day.:iconchibisitalyplz:Then, we went shopping. I found a nice pair of pajamas. I really needed them. The pants have snowmen running up and down them, and the top has a snowman in the corner. (Top is red in the background.) It says You Make Me Melt. Kind of cute.:meow:Another one I was thinking of, was with a sleeping penguin, saying Need a Nap? I barely ever look at things like that, but for some reason they called out to me. So, why not?:iconeestiplz:

Then, we ate at Pho Tai. They're a new restaurant really close to where we live. It's a Vietnamese/Japanese one. We have a Pho restaurant right next to it, that we've been going to for a while. So, it was interesting to see what this one would be like. I think they have a lot more of a selection at Pho Tai.:iconkikuplz:My mom and I split their Vietnamese style spring roll with tofu. I liked theirs more than the other place's. Didn't fall apart as much, and I guess more solid. I ordered the Chicken Katsu. It came with sauce on the side, sticky rice, and a cole slaw-type salad. It was very good!:iconitalyplz:Only problem was, they had huge portions. I barely could eat half of mine. So, Mom and I have enough for another meal, and we'll have that when Dad's gone tomorrow night.:iconhappychinaplz:

Watched more of Gonzo. It's an awesome show so far!:iconheroamericaplz:I love the humor, the 'realness' of it, great acting, etc., so far. Played a little of the Sims 2. Germany finally made it past toddler stage.:dummy:Good thing, because maybe now I can get his parents promoted some more. He took a lot out of them. Understandable, but they were demanding things they couldn't afford.:iconwtfromanoplz:I might even let them live longer with those fountain of youth things. I finally made an extra room for Germany, and I'm making a large bathroom coming from his room. Upstairs I might make like a rec room or something. It'll have a piano, exercise equipment, etc. So, there's lots more I want to play around with.:evillaugh:

I saw what looks to be a good recipe at みんなのきょうの料理 (Or Today's Menu for Everyone. Supposedly more simpler version of Today's Menu.) It's a walnut nikujaga. Nikujaga is a meat and potato stew. Usually, the meat's beef. It sounds really interesting with walnuts and curry powder. Might make it someday.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Watched Ghost Friends today. It was really funny this time. Asuka seems to be falling for Kaito, who's a ghost. She's debating whether humans and ghosts could actually love each other. Interesting.:iconchibijapanplz:

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