Thursday, October 14, 2010

National Dessert Day!


Oh! A day just for desserts! Awesome!:iconheroamericaplz:I might have some tiny chocolate chip cookies after dinner. That counts, right?:iconfrancisplz:Nothing spectacular though. Not exactly sure what I'll have for dinner.:iconusaplz:That's probably more important. Today's been especially cold and dark. Weird to go from warm and sunny to that.:iconwtfromanoplz:

Parents just left for my dad's conference and won't be back until late Saturday night.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Hope they have fun. I might have one of those teriyaki chicken rice bowls for tonight. Maybe have the panko breaded tilapia for Shabbat dinner. Maybe with couscous or mashed potatoes, and some sort of vegetable. Sounds good to me!:iconitalyplz:Not to mention, simple. Funny thing is, there might not be a challah in the freezer. I'll have to use a frozen roll or something. 

Mom tried to get someone to drive me to services, but didn't hear a definite answer from anyone.:iconwtfukplz:So, I'll just have my own services!:iconprussiaplz:I'll even get up around the same time. The only thing is it may feel a little odd if I'm singing to myself or something. Oh well, no one's here, so it doesn't matter.:iconenglandispervyplz:

My lawyer sent me a letter about preparing for the hearing. She said lately, it's been only a few months wait for the actual hearing. But, on average, I could be waiting 12-14 months! So long!:iconromanorageplz:Then, it'll be another few months until a decision is made. If it's favorable, I have to wait another couple of months for it to go into effect. Another couple to get the full benefits. So, what, about 2 years?! Waiting for it?:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:She told me I don't have to do anything extra, unless I get a call from Social Security, the judge, or something. I have to call them immediately if that happens. If any new medical thing pops up, they'll see it in my records, so I won't have to tell them. They'll prepare me to testify a month before the trial's date. That'll make me even more nervous. It's my first time going through a hearing.:iconraivisplz:

I got an email from the Awesome Mature Gaians Guild. They're going to make an individual birthday thread for me.:iconus-xdplz:Since I'm not sure what theme it should have, they said I can answer some questions. They'll base the thread off my answers. Sounds awesome! By the way, my birthday's on Nov. 7th!:iconchibinitalyplz:It's coming up fast! I actually wasn't thinking about it, until I got this email. So sad! I'm pretty happy about it, though.:iconchibicanadaplz:They said I have to be on their forums that day. But, I looked at my calendar and it actually falls during the weekend. Usually, that means I'll be gone most of the day.:iconkikuplz:I don't know. I usually don't plan my birthday stuff. Sometimes we go to a fave restaurant, maybe shop, and open presents. Then sometimes, we go to a movie. But, I've been surprised many times before. Who knows?:party:

I'm almost done with that chart on the udon package. So, I'll probably post it tomorrow. I caught up on Naruto Shippuden. It's, as they say, all fillers right now.:iconnataliaplz:Both episodes were almost entirely flashbacks to the original series. The one I watched last week was too. And next week's seems to be the same. It's kind of weird.:iconchibiaustriaplz:The only thing 'new' was: they're rebuilding Konoha. Inari's a carpenter now and is helping out. Tsunade's still in a coma. The Land of Waves is prosperous now thanks to Naruto. (Where Inari comes from.) So, Inari wanted to return the favor. There was a new opening and ending theme. I like the opening. Ending is just, ok. 

I fixed and inked the Salty slot of the meme. So, I'm halfway through! Yay!:dummy:And, I planned a bit of the Sour slot. I'll probably finish that tomorrow. Ravel's horns seem to change in each one. Not sure if it's good or bad, if it's different each time.:iconchibijapanplz:The sour one's looking like it'd be funnier than the Salty one. 

deviantART fave: 10-10-10 A funny drawing in honor of Gintoki's birthday. (From Gintama.) And, very much like what the characters might do. 

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