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By Ai Otsuka. Apparently, this is also on the Hana Kimi OST. I'm not very interested in the drama. Even if I like the song.:icontinoplz:It's about new beginnings, summer, falling in love, etc. Kind of a fun, cute, and upbeat one. I need more upbeat/dance/funny songs.:iconberwaldplz:

It's a bit warmer today. I managed to get a full night's sleep, too!:dummy:Edited and added extra stuff to the character sheets. I'll start filling those in tomorrow. 
In O-parts Hunter, Jio and Cross are still fighting. Ruby gets caught in the crossfire. The necklace saves her, and absorbs their attacks. (In pic.) When Jio hears Cross saved her, they stop fighting. It was all just a big misunderstanding. Kirin used to be Cross' sensei. Jio and Cross seem to become friends. But, Cross may have seen Jio's palm, but it didn't seem to faze him much. 
I finally finished editing the chart on the udon package. (Sorry, if this ends up a bit long.:iconswissplz:) (冷凍食品) (Reitou shokuhin) (Frozen Foods). 名称   冷凍ゆでうどん (Meishou    reitou yude udon) Name: Frozen Pre-Boiled Udon. 原材料名  めん(小麦粉、でん粉、食塩) (Genzairyou mei     men [komugiko, denpun, shokuen]) Name of raw materials: Noodles (Wheat flour, starch, and table salt). 内容量  400グラム (Naiyou ryou    400 guramu) Contents amount: 400 grams. 賞味期限  枠外の右に記載してあります。(Shoumikigen    wakugai no migi ni kisai shite arimasu.) Best if eaten by: As mentioned below this on the right. 保存方法   -18゚C 以下で保存してください。(Hozon houhou   -18゚C ika de hozon shite kudasai.) Storage: Please don't exceed -18゚C while storing. 凍結直前の加熱の有無  加熱してありません。(Touketsu chokuzen no kanetsu no umu     kanetsu shite arimasen.) Freeze it in the freezer, then heat it. (Kind of a loose one. More like my interpretation.) 加熱調理の必要性  加熱してください。(Kanetsu chouri no hitsuyousei     kanetsu shite kudasai.) Heat the food before cooking? Yes, please. (Again, still a bit loose.) After that it's the address of the company, the best by date, and some codes. There's some extra stuff, too. I'll do the extras tomorrow. 
In Hetalia, they continued Austria's Freeloading Series. Germany and Austria are fighting over where Beethoven came from. They also quarrel over Mozart. They later capture France. He was spying on Austria. (The pic's his reaction to it.) Next, they continued Nekotalia. The tagline for it is: "If the world was all about cats." Japaneko (Japan) and Germouser (Germany) act like parents to Nekotalia (Italy). Japaneko acts especially like a mother. Nekotalia tried to hit on a random cute female cat, but was beat up by Germouser in the process.:iconseychelles-plz:

I fixed and inked the Sour slot. I think he ended up with a smaller head, compared to the others. Oh well.:iconwtfromanoplz:I guess I can blow it up in Photoshop later. I barely started to sketch for the Sweet slot. Next time, I might be able to finish the sketch, edit, and ink it. Then, there's only on more slot to the meme. Yay!

A cool music vid of 金魚花火 (Golfish Fireworks) by Ai Otsuka:
4 awesome songs from the Yoshida Brothers:

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