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By Back-On. It's a 5 member band from Tokyo. In Japanese, their name, is the sound of an explosion. All the members had started out in separate bands. But, gravitated towards each other. They sound kind of cool.:iconchibihungaryplz:I might look for more of their songs. This one sounds really pretty, and kind of has a tinge of sadness to it. I'll post the Youtube video at the end.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Well, we didn't make it to the Simchat Torah service Friday night.:iconohboyamericaplz:Both Mom and I were too tired. We went out for errands so late, and by the time I finished making dinner, we would have, maybe, made it to the tail end. But, that's without eating yet. Oh, well. I made green chili stew (from a can) with chicken and carrots on top of some rice. It was very good!:iconitalyplz:Just a little too spicy.:onfire:I love spicy food, but ever since I was first in the hospital, I've had a hard time digesting it.:icontinoplz:That stuff used to be all I wanted to eat. I used to order extra jalapeños when I went to Mexican restaurants. Sometimes eating them by themselves.:iconfrancisplz:I liked the spicy curries too. I feel like something's messing without it.:iconwtfromanoplz:Although, I've noticed there's a lot of other good stuff out there.:iconhappychinaplz:

Mom led services the next day. We had it pretty laid back, and sat in a large circle. Actually had a good turn out.:iconchibisitalyplz:This was the first parsha for the year. Which is the beginning of Genesis. The part where G-d's creating the Earth. And a little about Adam and Eve. Mom had a different type of translation from the Hebrew, and we went over it. (Actually, supposed to be more accurate, and follows a similar rhythm.:iconeestiplz:) Very interesting stuff. A different way of thinking about it too. 

Later, we went to my 2nd eye exam. Turns out, the one he prescribed before, wasn't staying in the center of my eye, but sliding around. Makes sense.:iconkikuplz:Especially, when it was fine one second, and the next I couldn't see anything. So, I guess I'm stuck with an astigmatism prescription for it. They're going to give me an exact prescription sample in a few days. So, we'll see if it works. I hope it does, because it's such a pain to keep going back there.:iconromanoplz:

I played a little of the Sims 2. Got Prussia to get promoted a few times. I think he's a detective now. (I made similar characters to Prussia and Hungary from Hetalia as a couple.:iconchibiprussia2plz::iconchibihungaryplz:My characters aren't historically accurate, it's just for fun. In case you didn't know.) They actually had a baby. It was probably one of the most interesting things in the game. She was feeling some morning sickness, then all of sudden her belly grew a day later.:iconchibijapanplz:She had maternity leave, and then had the baby 2 days later. Standing up, and in a lot of pain. Prussia didn't even notice it was going on.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I named him Germany. (Just to go with my theme.) He seems to like Prussia the most. They put him in his crib, but there's no blanket for him.:iconraivisplz:He starts to cry when his icon turns yellow. And, sometimes I have no clue what he really wants. I didn't know where his bottle was at first. I got a message saying, what parent doesn't feed their child! He's just skin and bones! Find a bottle as quickly as you can or something bad will happen.:iconchibilithuaniaplz:I found it in the refrigerator. But, it was a little scary at first. Changing his diaper's funny.:iconenglandispervyplz:He gets green fumes coming from his butt (much like when you leave something out too long), they throw the dirty one into the air and it lands in the trash. Then, it's normal, putting powder on him and a fresh diaper. The baby's kind of cute.:iconus-xdplz:I like how in this version of the Sims, you can make a family line full of many generations. I just never got that far. So, I'll see if I can go through a couple with their family. Meanwhile, Hungary still has some time off, so she's quickly working on her skills to get another promotion while caring for Germany. Craziness!:dummy:

I watched Bambino and Ando Natsu. Next week, I'll be finished with both shows. I liked them, so it's kind of sad.:iconsadrussia:Although, that gives more options to watch more awesome Jdramas. Mom's at a Mahjong tournament for the entire day. I hope she has a lot of fun!:iconchibipolandplz:

The video to Flower:

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