Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hana ni Nare (花になれ)


By Flumpool. On JpopAsia, it's translated as Become a Flower. Really cool imagery in the lyrics. Also, nice vocals and the music is awesome in the background.:iconchibispainplz:Makes for an instant fave, for me at least.:iconswissplz:The main phrase in English: "Laugh, cry, sing, become a flower. Be in full bloom and one day overflow with radiance." Cool!:iconchibihungaryplz:


It's really nice and sunny out.:iconchibicanadaplz:Worked more on another character's basic info. I'm done with making an English version of the udon wrapper. Next time, I might start translating an article from The North American Post. I'm already translating and writing out an article from You Maga, that I do at night. So, I have to translate something during the day.:iconeestiplz:Plus, I do it a bit different during the day.:iconfrancisplz:
In O-Parts Hunter, Stea government has the 7th Sephiroth. Their president is the Phantom Amaterasu Priestess. Every 4 years, Rock Bird holds an OPT tournament. They're letting any OPT enter it. Jio's group lands there, and enters the competition. (But, I thought Kirin wasn't an OPT?)
In Fairy Tail, the guild's in ruins. Natsu won against Gajeel. Erza was about to be killed by Jose, but Makarov saved her when he showed up. Then, it was Makarov vs Jose. Mystagon destroyed most of Phantom's branch guilds, by himself.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Makarov used Fairy Law. The righteous light slays the darkness, as Erza put it. It slays only that which the caster believes is the enemy. It was considered legend before. Makarov didn't kill Jose, he just wanted to punish him severely. But, if Jose tries anything again, he'd kill him. So, in the end Fairy Tail won! Not a surprise, but awesome fights.:iconenglandispervyplz:

I'll have to wait for next time to scan my drawings for the meme.:iconpolandplz:So, I worked on Max's head. Which is part of another project I started a while ago. I'm drawing out all my characters' faces. Just to get a brief feel of what the characters look like on paper. And, they're all together this way too.:iconchibisitalyplz:Max is a skeleton, so I'm learning how to draw a skull at the same time. More ways to improve my drawing skills.:w00t:

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