Monday, October 25, 2010

World Pasta Day!


I love all types of pasta!:iconspaghettibounceplz:So, this is an awesome holiday. There's so many kinds out there! We should make something with noodles tonight.:iconitalyplz:

On Saturday, I got to sleep in because both Mom and I weren't feeling too great. Mom was worse, though. So, we didn't go to services.:iconwtfromanoplz:I didn't have my own services like I did last week. But, I did look over the parsha for it.:iconkikuplz:

Later, I wanted to see if I could play Fable: The Lost Chapters on this computer. It worked well on my old laptop. (The one that died about a year ago.:iconlietplz:) Apparently, my graphics/video card isn't good enough for it. The sea is yellow, trails are white. And, 'hidden' items, aren't really hidden. They're also yellow. It was kind of amusing, until I realized I can't see my inventory or quests. I can't even get to the quit button, because it's off of the screen.:iconchibienglandplz:So, I won't be able to play it for now. I never got to the end of the game.:iconwtfukplz:Oh, well. 

So, I played some more of the Sims 2. Hungary won 20,000 simoleons, for endorsing sporks. Kind of funny.:iconsleepygreeceplz:It was far more than her annual salary. So, I was able to do a lot of stuff with the house. Prussia was demoted to Detective. Just because he yelled at some employees.:iconromanoplz:Now, he's over qualified, and I keep making him gain points. So, maybe he'll be promoted as soon as he goes back to work. I stopped just before planning Germany's birthday party for that night. He'll be a teen. It takes them about 6 days to be one. They grow up fast.:iconchibirussiaplz:I'm keeping his parents alive longer by drinking from the Fountains of Youth. It's getting more interesting. Hungary still wants another baby.:iconchibijapanplz:

I watched Gonzo yesterday. It's getting even better. Kuroki had a huge seizure, while he remembered something from that traumatic case. The article I'm reading from You Maga is very interesting. (Local magazine that's in Japanese.) It's about a sushi chef from Japan, going to America and opening a restaurant. (Specifically, in Seattle.)

I finished the name meanings and nicknames for the character sheets. Came up with a few more manga choices to replace Kuroshitsuji. A lot of them look good. Played some more Irish tunes. Not too bad. But, my fingers started fumbling a bit towards the end.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Plus, I couldn't breathe too well through my nose. So, I had a hard time regulating my breathing. I'm translating the very last bit of the udon wrapper. Really not much left. Maybe one sentence. 

In Hetalia, England talks about what to do with the G8. He thinks it's time they reorganize their group by membership. Russia thinks they're fine the way they are. (During this England was glaring at Russia. Russia just took those lines and ate them. Belarus' in the pic too.) Canada agrees, but says he has some ideas. Nobody hears him. France thinks they should add someone. Specifically, Spain. Germany agrees, but in order to stay as the G8 someone has to leave. He suggests France. Italy, who's the host country, has lost interest in it entirely. Next, was about China's Age of Discovery. The Chinese sailed across the world in extravagant, larger than life ships collecting tributes. China only took gifts based on if they were cute or not. Out of all the animals they got, the giraffe was the most well received. I just realized the cats in Nekotalia are actually the countries' cats. (I thought they actually were the countries. Could still be both, I suppose.) But, they act so much like their owners. They introduced Russicat. He's noticed Russia talking a lot to Italy. So, he tries to befriend Itabby. He's a little too friendly. 

I sketched out the last slot. I thought I would come up with a better expression for Bitter, but it's not bad.:iconpolandplz:So, tomorrow I might be done with the drawing part of the meme. 

deviantART faves: Hetalia Desktop Icons APH Halloween Japan Style Watercolor: Beagle I did not make these! First, an awesome set of Hetalia desktop icons. I'm using some of them at the moment. Makes things a little more interesting. Second, is an entry for a chibi Halloween contest. Very cute, and an interesting way of representing each requirement. Third, a cool watercolor of a Beagle. I have a soft spot for Beagles. Probably because I used to have one.

An awesome tribute to Hetalia:

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