Monday, October 4, 2010



By Rentrer en Soi. They're a rock band from Japan. In French, their band is literally translated as 'to return to oneself', but it's not grammatically correct. It's composed of 5 members. The band started in 2001, and broke up in 2008. It's got a cool, a bit eerie, rockin', driving sound. Maybe I should look at their other songs. :iconberwaldplz:

Today's been kind of cold so far.:iconusaplz:I watched Gonzo yesterday. It seems like it's just getting better and better. I'm really liking it so far. The characters seem more 'real'. Pretty good acting.:iconchibicanadaplz:Posted a pic on dA: Stone Lantern 3 It's the last one from my trip to Florida. Someone already faved it!:dummy:Played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. Just a bit rusty.:iconheroamericaplz:Started to sound much better towards the end. For some reason, during parts of it, I couldn't get my fingers to move right.:iconchibienglandplz:But, that usually happens to me when I'm tired, and/or if it's been a while since I played. Got through 2 more pieces of info on the content chart, of the udon package. I'll post all of them when I'm done with the chart. It's very interesting.

Kuroshitsuji was really messed up.:iconwtfukplz:There's an old man named Kelvin who's had a thing for Ciel since he met him 5 years ago. He thinks that he's ugly, and in order to be accepted by Ciel, he's been trying to change his appearance surgically. He's wrapped up in a lot of bandages. He kidnaps children and makes them perform circus acts without any training. He gets really excited when they die during the acts. Ciel feels that's enough to report it to the Queen, and is about to kill Kelvin. :iconchibirussiaplz:
In Hetalia, they introduced 2 more Nordics. Norway and Iceland.:iconnorgeplz::iconiceland-plz:It was about how nice their products are made. The Finnish: in charge of the planning and designing. The Swedish: in charge of production. The Danes: in charge of sales. The Norwegians: in charge of the criticism. And Iceland just sits there eating with his puffin. (In pic.) I kind of like Iceland's personality for some reason. Norway seems a bit different than I thought he would be. But, still interesting.:iconchibisitalyplz:(Especially, to me, since I live in a Norwegian-themed town.) Germany actually turned down beer!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:It's all to help Japan stick to his new diet. Prussia rubs it in his face though. Or rather, spills it.:iconkikuplz:He just can't believe he would turn it down. 

I fixed a few spots in my drawing, and inked it. So, now I'm done with the drawing part of the 'Savory' box. Next is 'Spicy'. Should be fun!:iconchibiamericaplz:

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