Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wo Ai Ni

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Or I Love You by Hitomi Takahashi feat. the Beat Crusaders on the Gintama soundtrack. Such a fun song! :D It's one of their ending songs. Well, the internet connection was out for most of the day. Luckily, we found what was wrong and fixed it. :P I printed off all of Alliance up until now. It's a pretty thick stack of papers. O.O I thought I'd run of ink or something. It was 63 pages. I did it to have a hard copy, because you never now when you could have a problem with your computer and/or flash drive. Also, it's another way for me to proof read it. Nice to actually see it too. ;) I wrote more of it, too. In my head it sounds and looks amazing, we'll see if I can truly put it to paper. 

I finished the rest of the body parts vocab, went over 2 medical expressions, and started the names of diseases section. 骨 or hone- bone. 肩 or kata- shoulder. 首 or kubi- neck. お腹 or onaka- stomach. 腕 or ude- arm. 手 or te- hand. 手首 or tekubi- wrist. 指 or yubi- fingers. 爪 or tsume- nails. 尻 or shiri- hip. 脚:足 or ashi- leg: foot. 爪先 or tsumasaki- toes. 

I have a pain in my stomach, tummy, abdomen, or bowel.

I have a backache.

麻疹 or hashika- measles. 水疱瘡 or mizubousou- chicken pox. おたふく or otafuku- mumps. 百日咳 or hyakunichizeki- whooping cough. 破傷風 or hashoufuu- tetanus. アトピー or atopii- atopy. 潰瘍 or kaiyou- ulcer. 胃潰瘍 or ikaiyou- stomach ulcer. インフルエンザ or infuruenza- influenza. うつ病 or utsubyou- melancholy. 肩こり or katakori- stiff shoulder. 腰痛 or youtsuu- backache. 肝炎 or kanen- hepatitis. 肝硬変 or kankouhen- liver cirrhosis. 癌 or gan- cancer. 眼精疲労 or ganseihirou- eyestrain. 高血圧 or kouketsuatsu- high blood pressure. 虫歯 or mushiba- cavity. (Lit. tooth bug. :P Funny way of saying it, I guess it's true.) 口内炎 or kounaien- canker sore. 痔 or ji- hemorrhoid. 椎間板ヘルニア or tsuikanbanherunia- slipped disk. てんかん or tenkan- petit mal. 糖尿病 or tounyoubyou- diabetes. 日射病 or nisshabyou- sunstroke. 脳卒中 or nousotsuchuu- stroke. 白内障 or hakunaishou- cataract.

I made something from one of my older Japanese cookbooks for dinner. It's basically an udon stir fry. I put onions, celery, chicken, carrots, snap peas in along with the udon and some sake and soy sauce. Turned out pretty good! Interesting to have a thicker noodle in a stir fry than the ramen. The frozen udon only had directions in Japanese. I could read it enough to know what they were. (Although, it was pretty easy.) I could read the warning too. ^_^ 

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