Monday, February 15, 2010

Ai No Mi (Dub Mix)

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The Truth of Love by Minmi. Another awesome dance song. Crazy Rabbit Wink Seems to me to have a bit of reggae thrown in. I had a really weird dream that freaked me out for a bit this morning.Crazy Rabbit Emoticon I haven't had too many of those lately. I always have nightmares and rather sad dreams, but some of them are a bit more 'surreal' . (For lack of a better word.) After a while, I always think those are interesting. They mess with me, but I guess the shock goes away or something. Crazy Rabbit Icons I barely ever have happy feel good dreams. I started writing out descriptions to the buildings of my story. Or rather, I compiled all the main buildings in the story. Monkey Emoticons Haven't actually written their descriptions yet, since there were so many of them. Also, went over bits of the chapter I'm on. 

Ciel meets up with Madam Red and Lau. Madam Red is the former wife of Baron Barnett and works at the Royal London Hospital. Lau is the manager of the English branch of Chinese foreign trade. Grell Sutcliff is the Barnett butler. Ciel wants to solve the case of Jack the Ripper, because he's worried about his fiancée. They visit a pretty creepy, although oddly likable, undertaker to get info on the victims. After some coercing, he tells them there was only one thing that seemed out of place. That was every victim was missing an organ. He acts out how Jack the Ripper probably killed his victims. Crazy Rabbit Icons It was rather gruesome, but the real Jack the Ripper was, too. He tells them only an expert would know how to do this. Sebastian goes out and compiles data on all the royal doctors, but finds all of them have an alibi. 

I wrote out more of the kanji list. I didn't get as many done as yesterday. (Thank goodness! It was WAY too many of them.) Stopped at 通 or too(rimasu). At some point, I'm going to go over the very beginning of the vocab and see what the 'root' (or I guess base?) kanji is for each one. Also, compare them. Just to get an even greater understanding of them. Monkey Icons

In this episode there's a measles epidemic. First they start debating whether to get them as a kid or an adult. Then, they somehow start talking about what psychological 'measles' are. The next one was about more points to something means things will be less 'prickly'. Like, if you were for one cause, people may berate you for it. But, if you're for many causes they're less likely to have a problem with you. Kafuka's example was if there's a love triangle, people have a harder time, then if there were more people. Realizing most of the girls he teaches have a crush on him, she starts throwing them at him saying make as many 'love' relationships as possible. He takes this a bit too far and makes 53 'love' relationships and comes back. Monkey Emoticons Chiri gets pissed and starts cutting him up. One of the last scenes has blood everywhere and Sensei's smashed up against a desk. Monkey Emoticon The new girl, just comes in like nothing's wrong and sits quietly at her desk. Crazy Rabbit Emoticons Her name's Oora Kanako, and her nickname is Magnanimous girl. 

I played Gazzyboy's Pyramid Escape. It was nice, long, and challenging. Some parts were a bit frustrating. Had to have a little help with it. I also played another Gazzyboy escape game called Ancient Palace Escape. This one was much shorter, and didn't need as much help. 

I started drawing Gun from my story. Only got his head done. He should be an interesting character. I thought at first his head turned out weird, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It's that way with most of drawings. 

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