Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kuroi Torikago

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By Kanon Wakeshima. Another awesome work of hers! Sounds like classical music, yet is modern. Kind of gothic, but cool. Also, there's a part that sounds like a beating heart. O.O The title means: The Black Birdcage. Well, I felt even more sick today. Had a slightly higher fever, and everything else intensified a bit more too. I made an appointment to see the doctor at least about my ear thing. So, I couldn't really concentrate on my Japanese, or on many other things. 

I looked at what I might read  for manga soon. It will probably be 666 Satan, 2X2= Shinobuden, and the last volume of Azumanga Daioh. I keep hearing good reviews for 666 Satan, which is a series made by a mangaka who's a twin brother of the one who created Naruto. It sounds interesting. (Supposedly, there's some Kabbalistic elements. I don't know much about it, because the description for the series doesn't give me much. -_-") With 2X2= Shinobuden, I watched some of the anime. It's just hilarious! Mainly a humorous and rather random look at ninjas. So, I thought why not try the manga? The last one is because I have the first 3 volumes of it, and I've watched the anime. It's another hilarious series. I've seemed to have forgotten that I didn't read it all or have it all. :P Also, I plan to watch the anime version of Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji. I really like the manga so far, so I think I'll try watching it. Also, I'll probably get back into watching Primeval. It will be nice to read and watch something different everyday. It gets old if it's the same series everyday. ;) 

Funny and awesome moments of Sougo (from Gintama):

Gintoki's awesome fight with Hosen. (also from Gintama.):

An awesome amv about Naruto Shippuden:

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