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Or Mind Boggling by Orange Range. More of J- rock type song, a little harder sounding than a lot of their songs. They're a pretty dynamic group anyways. 

Yesterday I looked at a lot of the Jewish links. They were very interesting. I looked more into VJ or Virtual Jerusalem at: VJ It's a Jewish and Israeli news site. Has a ton of info on what's going on in the Jewish world. Also, has a forum. I'll check that out another time. Also has a webcam of the Western Wall. Cool! 

Another one is Aish at: Aish It's a huge Jewish database. Means fire in Hebrew. Has weekly torah readings and commentary, music, history, tips on dating, Shabbat info and resources, other holiday info, videos, a humor section, and so much more. O.O Awesome site! 

Also, visited Women of the Wall's site: WoW They're a group of women who are fighting for women to have full access to public prayer at the Western Wall. Also, to be a model of religious empowerment for young Jewish women and girls. Awesome cause, at least to me. 

Next was Taglit- Birthright Israel at: Birthright This is a program that allows young Jews ages 18- 26 to go on a free trip to Israel. They believe every Jew (that was born Jewish) has a birthright to go there. (I really want to go!) I tried last year, and they didn't tell me that I didn't get in until the day before we were supposed to go. I was so pissed! -_-" It's a 10 day trip, and you get to choose what trip organizers you would like to go with. I think my organizer wasn't really with it, so I'm thinking of reapplying through a different one. The next one is in the summer sometime between May and August depending on the organizer. Summer sounds like it will be way too hot, but I only have a year left to try for it.

Today, I looked at Japanese terms for recipe measurements. Mainly because I found an awesome database of Japanese recipes from Japan. I can read most of the ingredients, I just didn't understand the measurements too well. 枚 or mai- counter for flat objects or pieces. An example, 豚ロース肉(とんカツ用) 4 is 4 pieces of tonkatsu pork (thin pork loin cutlets). 少々 or shoushou- dash or small amount. Example: 塩 少々 is dash of salt. 適量 or tekiryou- as needed or proper quantity. Example: 小麦粉 適量 is flour (as needed). 個 or ko- counter for mil. units or individual. Example: 卵 2 is 2 eggs. 本 or hon- counter for long cylindrical things. Example: パセリ(小) 1 is 1 stalk parsley (small). 大さじ or oosaji- tablespoon. Example: オリーブ油・・・大さじ2 is olive oil... 2 tbsp. 小さじ or kosaji- teaspoon. Example: バター・・・小さじ1is butter... 1 tsp. I thought these were kind of cool to know. I have a few more terms to look at, and then I'll try to make these recipes. Should be fun! ^_^

Some funny scenes with Gintoki:

Cute cat! :3

Pretty Japanese Folk song:

Awesome art and music centered on Naruto. (Even if don't like the series, the song is beautiful and the art's amazing!):

Huge golfish!:

Albino crow O.O:

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