Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ikenai Taiyo

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By Orange Range. Also called Bad Sun. Kind of a fun song. I'm starting to really like this band! Well, I couldn't post yesterday because my internet connection was out the whole day. It's still very unstable, but a lot better. I also went to see the doctor about my ear problem. He looked in and couldn't see my eardrums. Monkey Emoticons He said it looks like the ear wax was impacted, and that his nurse is going to irrigate them.  Monkey Emoticon  It was so nasty! Although, I had it done one other time, about 5 years ago. Back then I was having a bit of vertigo, because my ears were so blocked. This time it didn't take 30 minutes, though. It took maybe 2 minutes, but it was a lot. He looked at it afterwards and said I have a problem with my Eustachian tubes. They have a tendency to get blocked easily. They help with equalizing the air pressure. If they can't equal it out, you're in a lot of pain. This can be from the plane trips from Florida. The only way to treat it  is to clear the ear and let it heal over time. I guess I'm going to be taking more Ibuprofen, considering I have to wait it out. It's actually not as bad as yesterday. So, it's a start. I wrote a bit and I'm figuring out Zero's story at the moment. I'm almost up to 60 pages! Monkey Icon

The topics were interesting, yet again. Sensei believes that if you wish for something, it will never happen. Kafuka disagrees and says eventually all your wishes will come true. It might not happen in this life, but in the next one it might. So, Sensei wishes that he could quit, both at life and as a teacher. This is all during a festival where you hang a piece of paper that has your wishes up in a tree. He looks at everyone else's. You could tell which wish belonged to who. Split personality girl had 2 sides of the paper filled out. Chiri had every single detail of her wishes down, looked a bit like a scroll. Eventually, Sensei hung himself up on the tree like you do with the papers. (He's always hanging himself and thinking of different ways to kill himself. It's a little creepy.)


Well, since I finished the vocab list, I did the new greetings and started the main kanji list. いってらっしゃい。Itterasshai. So long. (Go and come back.); have a good day; take care; see you. いってまいります。Ittemairimasu. So long. (lit. I'm going and coming back.); I'm off; see you later. おかえりなさい。Okaerinasai. Welcome home. おかげさまで。Okagesamade. Thanks to you.; (I'm fine) thank you. おだいじに。Odaijini. Take care of yourself. おまたせしました。Omataseshimashita. Sorry, I kept you waiting.; Thank you for waiting; Have I kept you waiting? おめでとうございます。Omedetougozaimasu. Congratulations. かしこまりました。Kashikomarimashita. Certainly, sir.; Certainly! それはいけませんね。Sorehaikemasenne. That's too bad. ただいま。Tadaima. I'm home. よく、いらっしゃいました。Yoku, irasshaimashita. How nice of you to come. Some of the Kanji so far (just the list): 人日一二三四五六七八九十月火水木金土百千万円行来休見今大小上下中右左山川白本子男女父母友先生学校何時間分半毎年前後午名車天気電話

I watched some of Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei too. Wahoo! A day of Goodbye Mr. Despair.  This one was about propaganda. Things like a place claiming to be paradise on Earth when it's far from the truth. I had to write out some of the other examples, they were kind of funny. "Homemade style" gyoza, "new fight system" rpg, "a true masterpiece series" foreign drama, "number 1 American hit" movie, "for the people" political propaganda. Next was about leap years. They went a step further and said what would happen with leap seconds? Also, what if there are leap people? They think a bit too much about that kind of stuff. 

I played a game called Romance Maker. It's a grow game. Those ones where you press objects in a certain order, they grow and play out. Different orders make different endings. This one you're trying to get the girl and boy to fall in love. I ended up killing the girl eventually. She kept  eating a poisoned apple. I realized later that's supposed to happen, but I didn't do the right object at the end. With the right one you bring her back to life and they kiss at the end. It was kind of fun. The boy came from a book, the girl out of an egg. 

I finished drawing Junko and Snowball and posted it. I don't like the colors that I decided on. She looks a bit weird, but at least I get an idea of what she looks like. Oh, and by the way, yes I'm posting this a bit late, but my internet connection is really unstable. 

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