Friday, February 12, 2010


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By Hitomi Shimatani. A dance song that's got a Latin flavor. Well, my parents left for their little trip. Hopefully they'll have fun. They'll be gone until Sunday night. So, they left me a Valentine's Day card and some chocolates. Monkey Winks Apparently, my mom doesn't want me to open them until Sunday. Also, we almost forgot to get a Challah for me tonight. Monkey Emoticons I also got some really tasty sounding frozen dinners. Tasha tried to ignore my parents while they packed and tried to catch a moth that's been stuck on the wall for a few days. I kept thinking it was dead, and then she put it in her mouth, and it magically flew out of her mouth. Cat Icon Was kind of funny. She kept trying to get it, and jumped higher than I thought she could! She's very athletic. As soon as they left she was very clingy. 

I wrote out more of the kanji from before. Some of them are harder to write than I thought. Cat Icons At least it's fun to me, and slowly getting better with practice. 

I played Black Tea Room Escape. It's put out by the same people from the Cocoa Room one. I got out, and only needed help with the code this time. Also, collected all 5 Black teas, and the perfect ending. Those games are fun, but the codes are very frustrating! Cat Icon 

I'm thinking of watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I wonder what Canada will do for it. Also, hopefully the rest of it will be fun to watch too. 

PASTA! (Italy's obsession. :P)
A cute Video about Spain:

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