Monday, February 22, 2010

Velocity 3000

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By Orange Range. Another awesome one by them!Cat IconsThis time a bit of Jrock, but not as hard as Kirkirimai. Kind of a driving type sound. Even if you don't understand the vocals, they have a cool rhythm to their singing ! :D Since my internet connection was having issues yet again, I wasn't able to do very much. It was bizarre because it was running extremely slow, and then for most of the day it cut out totally. Of course, now it's fine!Monkey Winks 

I made some onigiri (rice balls) and tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) for lunch. It's one of my fave lunches! Cat EmoticonThe rice was cooked just right this time. Although, I let it cool too long for the last onigiri, and it fall apart. Crazy Rabbit IconThat's ok, I had 2 perfect ones. I used sweet gherkin pickles, umeboshi paste, and pastrami as fillings. I put way too much ume in, thinking I love the stuff, why not have as much as I can stuff in it? Big mistake! I've heard a little goes a long way with that stuff, but I didn't pay attention to that. :P The pastrami was interesting with it. Might use it again. And the gherkins are always good in it. At least, to me. I'll try some more fillings next time. This time for the tamagoyaki I used Splenda instead of sugar. It turned out fluffier and not as sweet. It was still pretty tasty, might be a better texture this way.

I was going to do more breaking down of complex kanji and looking at their radicals, but I wanted to find what the measurements for Japanese recipes were in English. I hope to eventually do the recipes from one of the Japanese websites. (Will help me learn the language even more!) They have not just Japanese food, but other types of cuisine as well. I saw a falafel recipe in there. That's how diverse it is! 匹 or hiki- counter for small animals. Example:煮干し 10 is 10 (small crunchy) dried sardines. カップ or kappu- cup. (Self explanatory.) コ or ko- another type of counter of things. This one was hard to find info on. I think it's for counting spherical or oval things. Example: 卵 2 is 2 eggs. Another one used it for counting peppers. 摘み or tsumami- a pinch (e.g. of salt.) Example: 塩   二つまみ is 2 pinches of salt. 弱 or jaku- little less than. Example: 牛乳  大さじ1 is A little less than 1 tablespoon (cow's) milk. 人分 or ninbu- portions or servings. Example: 4人分 is 4 servings. コ分 or kobun- sections or segments of something. Example: たまねぎ (粗みじん切り) :1/4コ分 is onion (chopped coarse): 1/4 (inch?) thickness. かけ or kake- section of something. Example:大蒜 (すりおとす)1かけ分 is 1 section or clove of garlic minced. 

I also posted 4 pics to DA, links to them: Ishidoro Stone Lantern Koi More Koi Koi 3. Go check them out! :D 

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