Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunrise (Again)

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By Orange Range. I still need to find more songs for my playlist. :D Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. This is still one of my faves, so it's ok. ^_^ I got up a bit late again, because it was a similar night to the one before. -_- I got my results back from the JLPT, and I didn't pass. Not very many do on their first try. They're going to revamp the entire test for next year, but at least I have more of an inkling of what to expect. There's going to be 5 levels instead of 4. (5 being the easiest.) I've heard it's going to be even easier than 4 was for this past year. That's really good to hear! I'm still going to be working my butt off on it. They're going to have one more section this time. The listening is going to have extremely slow speakers. (The listening part was my lowest score, so this was also good to know.) Although, they're still ironing out the details. They haven't had this much of a change in the test before. The original test itself is my age. (Kind of funny to me.) I also watched the last of Distant Bonding, it was so sad. Pretty complicated story, but very well done. 

I finished the medical vocab and phrases worksheet. (The other useful expressions and at the hospital or drugstore sections.) 16. 風です。I have a cold.

17. インフルエンザです。
     I have the flu.
18. 二日酔いです。
     I have a hangover.
19. 胃がむかむかします。
     I'm sick to my stomach.
20. 胃がきりきりします。
     Sharp pain in his stomach.
21. 頭がくらくらします。
     I feel dizzy. (Yet another way to say it.)
22. 頭がずきずきします。
     My head is throbbing.
23. ちくちくします。
     I have a prickly pain.
24. ひりひりします。
     I have a burning pain. 

Please give me ______.

1. 頭痛薬 or zutsuuyaku: headache specific.
2. 鎮痛剤 or chintsuuzai: painkiller.
3. 睡眠薬 or suiminyaku: sleeping pill.
4. 解熱剤 or genetsuzai: antipyretic.
5. バンドエイド or bandoeido: band aid.
6. 目薬 or megusuri: eye drops.
7. 湿布 or shippu: compress.
8. うがい薬 or ugaigusuri: mouthwash.

Funny random Hetalia vid:
Kaito tries to do the radio exercise routine. (In Japan, they have an scheduled exercise program on the radio and TV everyday. I saw it on TV Japan. It's similar to what he's trying to do.)
Prussia's Blog (This time about Hong Kong, Austria and Gilbird :P)
Cute pasta song with Italy and South Italy from Hetalia:
This one has a lot of my fave animes in it! Awesome!
A raccoon and Beagle playing:
Being a 'ditz':
Awesome pics America from Hetalia:
Dr. Death:
Beagle puppies barking at each other:

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