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Jiraiya's Theme

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On the first Naruto soundtrack. Kind of a funny song, just like he is. :D I love the taiko drums and the sound of the shishi odoshi (or 'deer chasers'). Sort of a traditional feel to it. I'm going to add more songs to my playlist, starting to get tired of the ones I have playing over and over. (I'll try to some how make the font for this new version bigger, but not as big as their large. Normal seems a bit small?) I'm falling a lot more normal and energized than I have been lately. Makes me happy! I wrote some more of Chapter 8, which I'm still on Zero's story. He seems to be becoming a very interesting character. A bit of an experiment too. ;) I'll probably bring it back to the present soon. I think there isn't going to be much left of this chapter. Hopefully people will like this one. Also, I finally got a chance to play my clarinet! It's been a while. It wasn't too bad considering. It'll probably take me a short time to get back to what I was at before. After that, I can improve it more if I keep it up. I'll be even better if I can either replace a screw or the ligature itself. (Doesn't hold reed too still anymore, since the screw is stripped.) Oh, and interesting thing is I have to get a sax ligature if I buy a new one. O.O My clarinet's weird that way.

The class visits a beach side boarding school that isn't completed yet. Sensei was asked to chaperon them, even though it was summer vacation. He calls the school, the School of Breaking Point. All the workers there are being pushed to their 'breaking' or 'boiling' point. The place is actually about to fall apart because of them. (Building reaching it's 'breaking' point. :P) Then he visits the town and finds out everyone's about to snap there, he starts naming the town after it too. I love how they debate things in this series. ^_^ 

Nozomu Itoshiki (sensei) has an older brother who's a doctor named Mikoto. Doctor's are also called sensei, so he get's confused when one of his brother's students ask about him. When put a certain way, his kanji means Death. So, Kafuka (she asked about Nozomu) starts calling him Dr. Death. O.O When it's normal, it means life. Sensei is going to have an arranged marriage meeting in his hometown, so he leaves for a while. Chiri, says she must stop it, and all the other girls join her at the Itoshiki mansion. They're all surprised at how wealthy his family is. They have a butler named Tokita, who shows them around. When they see sensei, he's in totally different attire (very casual shorts and t- shirt. He normally wears a yukata.) and has gelled his hair. He has 3 older brothers named Mikoto, Kei, and Enishi. Also, has a younger sister named Rin who's 17 and is a master in the Itoshiki School of Flower Arrangement with 3,000 students. 

I finished breaking down the kanji from last time, and compared them together. The last bit of the breakdown was: 夕 or yuu- night or evening. After comparing the whole thing, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. So, it was nice to review those kanji, which was basically all that was good for. I'm thinking of doing one more complex one, thinking maybe they think of it a bit differently. We'll see. Then, I found the meaning to one of the higher level kanji on my list. (Also, a way to double check to see if I have it in my vocab list.) 線 or sen- line (also telephone, railway), wire, beam. Next I looked at the medical vocab worksheet. I have a pain in my ________. is _________が痛いです。My _____itches. is ______が痒いです。頭 or atama- head. 目 or me- eyes. 瞼 or mabuta- eyelid. 歯 or ha- teeth. 耳 or mimi- ears. 耳たぶ or mimitabu- ear lobe. 鼻 or hana- nose. (Yes, it's the same as for flower.) 胸 or mune- chest or breast. 背中 or senaka- back. I know most of these, but it's good to go over them. :D 

In Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler, it was the 'rat' problem that was in the manga. They had a mouse problem in the mansion, and the 'rats' or Italian Mafia kidnapped Ciel. The anime had Sebastian's fight with the mafia look even cooler. The pic is when he's asking them for info on their boss. They give it to him thinking he'll let them live, but he jumps off the car and they fall to their deaths. O.O 

I played an extremely addicting game called Stonepunk. You have to launch the caveman as high and as far as you can in his makeshift 'stone age' car. As you go there's upgrades on the launcher, the car, how bouncy you can be, etc. The upgrades to the car are just a Pterodactyl, a hamster, and/ or a turtle strapped to it. One helps you go higher, one makes you go faster on the ground, and the other helps you go faster through water. I went so high in it, I was in space. O.O I crashed into meteors and UFO's up there. There were tripping when they made this game. :P

I also drew more of Gun. (My original character from Alliance.) Filled out his body a bit more, since his arms looked skinnier than what his bones should be. O.O I also made them a bit longer, made a better flame in the palm of his hand, drew out parts of his shoes, and inked his head. I might go over it again tomorrow. Then, it'll be time to draw his clothes, ink that and the rest of him, then color it. Shouldn't take me long. 

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