Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sha Na Na (Japanese Wine)

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By Machel Montano and Minmi. Another feel good song. A good song that sticks in your head. It sounds a bit humorous too. Especially the 'Japanese wine, hai hai' part. Well, after some work, I managed to get my internet connection back up. Monkey Icons Although, every once in a while it does cut out, but this is WAY better than before! I had to uninstall than reinstall Linksys. But, I was trying other ways, because I wanted it as my last resort. So, it took up most of the morning. 

I started reading 2x2= Shinobuden. I forgot about how perverted her master is. It's also called the Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction. Kunoichi means female ninja. It's very random, just like I remember the anime being. There is somewhat of a plot, though. It's about a girl named Shinobu who dreams of becoming a 'real' ninja. Her familiar is a yellow ball with a face, legs, and wings. (In the picture above.) Her master looks very similar, only no wings. One of the 'tasks' her master tells her to do is to gather high school girl panties. O.O That's when she bumps into Kaede, and later they become friends. Shinobu calls everything she does a 'technique'. Like cake tasting pinpoint technique and electricity efficiency technique. I'm not sure if I'll keep reading this one. I remember why I stopped, it's too weird. I like some weird stuff, but this is even weirder than Excel Saga. 

This one keeps getting more interesting. :D (The one in the pic is Jio.) Someone wanted and targeted Ruby. Jio and Ruby both get away from him. After Ruby asks if they could be friends, Jio says he only trusts himself and money. So, instead Ruby hires him as her bodyguard. Then there was a bit about Jio's past. It's very similar to the way Naruto was treated. The reason why he only trusts himself is because a friend turned on him, everyone was beating him up, and he didn't have any parents. He later realizes he has a lot in common with Ruby, and saves her again. The O- part that was found by a man and his gang was in a gun. It uses water vapor in the air to continually shoot, without reloading. Apparently, Jio uses an O- part, too. (Therefore, he's an OPT. ) It's a boomerang that multiplies your strength. When Jio is in a life or death situation he changes into having numbers on his forehead, 666, and his hair and eyes totally turn white. When this happens he said his name was Lucifer, but humans call him Satan. This reminded me of Naruto, too. (With his kyuubi in him.) When Jio goes back to normal, he doesn't remember any of his actions while he was 'Satan'. 

I finished the new Kanji list and started handwriting them out. I also finally figured out how to type づ or zu. (There's actually 2 zu's. 1. づ 2.ず) For the longest time I was trying to figure out a way to type it instead of searching for it. It's du on our keyboard. O.O 忘呼閉説席座変乗調練寝遅顔首声都県区市村民産林森池門薬先暗光線 There was 320 Kanji on this list. I only posted a few. :P

In Naruto Shippuden, the ninjas who are after the forbidden jutsu trap Hotaru. She gives them a fake scroll, it explodes, and she escapes. Utakata saves her after they follow her into the forest. Team 7 finds Utakata and Hotaru with some Mist Anbu. They're holding Hotaru for ransom, and want Utakata to come back to the village. Utakata didn't kill his master like everyone back in his village thinks. His master was trying to kill him and something that was inside him. He died when what ever that thing was attacked him. The forbidden jutsu is engraved in Hotaru's back. Looks rather nasty. The extra was Sai gave Naruto one of his paintings. He hung it up and it the creature in it came to 'life'. Then, it rampaged through his apartment. What did he expect? Most of Sai's paintings come to 'life'. Although, he seemed genuinely clueless about his own painting. 

I played Chika Escape- Valentine. It was a little challenging but fun. I only found 25 hearts, apparently you can find 30? You get to make chocolates, do puzzles, along with trying to escape the room. Then, I played Chazkenger and Kinkonkan. It's an escape the spaceship type game. Very weird, challenging, but fun. When you find a seashell and pick it up, aliens abduct you and your friends. And then, they throw you in a jail. From there you unlock puzzles to save your friends and escape. 

Tomorrow, my parents are going away for Valentine's Day. It sounds like they'll have fun. I'll promise not to party too hard. ;)

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