Thursday, February 18, 2010

Onegai! Senorita

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By Orange Range. (In English and Spanish: Please! Senorita.) This song's awesome, bringing bits of Spanish and Japanese together. Has a Latin flare too. Another good party song. :D I actually got a comment on my old site called Sugoi Japan! Although, it wasn't really about the content I had. They just wanted to know if I knew of a certain anime's name from the 90's. They didn't give me a good description. -_- Plus, I wasn't into it back then. :P So, I approved it thinking maybe someone will answer his question. I haven't updated that site in a very long time. I forget about it sometimes, but people still visit it. Maybe at some point I'll get back to it. It was basically my early research on Japan. XD

I wrote more of chapter 8. I'm really liking Zero's story so far! :P Also, I'm up to page 60! O.O That's awesome! And there's still so much more to the story. I still feel like I'm just setting it up. Also, I got a few comments on my pics. They apparently love them. 

Since I didn't like 2X2=Shinobuden too much, I decided to try another manga. This one's called Dear. It's pretty good so far. There's 3 different 'species' in this world, demons, humans, and Lycanthropes. (Lycanthropes are a mix between humans and demons.) The Lycanthropes seem to have gone extinct, except for one girl named Chiruha. (She's on the right in the pic.) She lives in a small house alone in the forest, with just a TV. So, she's constantly watching it, and learning about humans. She starts to get lonely and dreams of living with humans, and one day she decides to visit a nearby town. When she sees humans she gets excited and says it's just like on TV. She suddenly realizes she needs a place to stay. She bumps into a demon that starts attacking her and is saved by Kisara, who's a Vice Captain of the Punitive Force. (He's the one on the left.) He's visibly surprised when she says her name and what she is.

I started looking at the components of the first vocab word's kanji. It took me the whole time, and I still haven't totally finished with this word. It's 挨拶 or aisatsu, which means to greet or greetings. I broke down the first part: 挨. This by itself is ai. Which means near, close by, next to, towards, to lean on, push open. It has 10 strokes. (Strokes are how many 'strokes' or lines it takes to write it.) Next, I broke this kanji into its radicals: ム, one that apparently doesn't have a meaning and is just added to some words (going to look around some more to make sure.), and 矢. ム or mu. Has 2 strokes and means: I, myself, private, secret. 矢 or ya, shi. Means: arrow, dart, vow, swear. Has 5 strokes. The next part of the complex kanji is 拶 or satsu. It has 9 strokes. It means to be imminent, press, squeeze hard, force. I haven't broken this one down into radicals yet, and will do it tomorrow. :D

In Naruto Shippuden, they make it to Tonbei who's being taken care of by Sakura. Hotaru had asked to have the Forbidden jutsu in her back to help restore her clan. Tonbei says they have no choice but to destroy the jutsu. There's a way to remove it from her back without hurting her. Once it's out it'll lose its power. Hotaru doesn't want to give it up, and someone named Shiranami can help them. So, Naruto goes to find him, and gets a lead. If they can't find him, they'll have to extract it. (The pic has Hotaru on the left and Utakata on the right.)

I played a game called Bool- Bathroom Escape. Got most things on my own. I was thinking too hard on one of the codes. :P It was a bit of a pixel hunt too. I hate those! -_-" It was just ok overall. Then, I played Blosics 2. You have to try and knock the green blocks down with different sized balls. It's a lot harder than it sounds. I normally hate physics games, but this one was pretty fun. Also, if you let the red blocks fall you lose points. And later there's ice on the platforms, which makes the blocks slide faster and there are more red ones. Only got to about Level 4 before getting entirely bored with it, because the blocks had to be moved as slow as possible. It was like watching paint dry. XD

I drew more of Gun. I think his anatomy looks a lot better than the others. It seems to be getting easier drawing these characters. (Practice makes perfect?) I'm going to have him with one arm out holding a huge fireball and the other at his side. His legs are going to be spread a part a bit too. I have the base done, I just need to refine it, ink it, and color it. Wahoo! I'll probably draw a chibi version of his dragon form or something flying next to his head.  

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