Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^


Hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day! I'm quite happy with just the chocolates and a card. :P The card was cute and made me feel a little better, without being sappy. I like those. The chocolates were very good! Sounds like Mom and Dad had some fun. They stayed at a hotel that was right at the beach. They walked around it and took pics. They also went to an Irish Pub, met some nice people, had good food, and watched a band. That sounds like it would have been awesome! 

The opening ceremony for the Olympics was awesome! The visual effects, first nation dances, etc. were all awesome to see! I even liked the Slam poet. I didn't think this one would be that great, but I guess these ceremonies are just getting better and better. It's sad that the Polish Luger had such a horrible accident. They shouldn't have made the track the 'world's fastest', and they really should have had more padding on those steal rails. But, luckily they fixed it up a bit after that. Also, the only weird thing about the opening ceremony was the problems with the 4th torch not coming out of the floor. It was good the one outside was working well. 

I watched the Women's Freestyle Skiing Moguls Final. Kearney was awesome out there! She was the last one, but pulled off a cool run and ended up with gold. (The first American at this Olympics to win gold.) Everyone was rooting for Heil to win, since she's the Canadian favorite. She had a good run too, but apparently not good enough. 

Also, watched the Men's Short Track 1500m Final. Ohno and Celski were great! They got silver and bronze respectively. Lee from Korea won gold. It almost was all 3 Koreans on the podium, but the other 2 bumped into each other. (Kind of was painful to watch.) It was really something to see Celski get bronze, because he had such a severe injury before the Olympics. 

Also, watched the Men's Luge Singles. They're always amazing to see! They go so fast! I saw one of them have a problem trying to stay on the sled. He bumped into a wall and the sled was coming out from under him, but he was able to bring himself back on. The only name I remember from before these Olympics was Zoeggeler from Italy. He wasn't at his best though. I don't think 3rd is horrible, but it's not the best. 2 Germans won the other top spots. This isn't a  final, so they have another chance at it. 

I wrote out more of the kanji from the list. Did about 103 today. Last couple of times it was just 40. O.O I was having fun with it, so why not? I also tried to watch some of the Olympics from Japan's point of view, but didn't find much online. On TV Japan, they're only doing highlights. Which is nice, but I wanted to at least see what they were saying or what their cameras caught during the ceremony. They had about a 5 minute highlight program today. Also, apparently they play their Team Japan soundtrack throughout that broadcast. I couldn't hear the anchor too well because of it. They have some cool shots of Vancouver in their opening credits. Also, I think he talked about how beautiful Canada has been. I guess once you boil it down it was maybe 3 minutes of coverage. O.O

I played a new Minoto game called Princess Thumb of Winter. I love his games! They're very funny, cute, and easy. I got the princess end right away. After some testing, I got the Sleeping Bear End. His games are usually a bit bizarre too, but I think that's part of the charm. :P

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