Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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By Nobodyknows+. Another cool one by them. Well, my internet’s still pretty bad. Hence, the monkey slamming it's head against the glass. Exactly how I feel. I hope it's better soon! I'm going a bit crazy with the way its been. I wrote more, and Zero story’s turning out awesome so far.

I read a bit of 666 Satan. It’s very interesting. It’s made by the twin brother of the mangaka who created Naruto. He’s very similar in his style to his brother. He makes a note at the beginning that he’s the more ‘handsome’ twin. :P People get confused when they’re in the same place still, since they look so similar. The story is about an ancient civilization that was destroyed and they left behind artifacts that are O- parts. These ‘O- parts’ have mysterious powers. Later, people are fighting over these O- parts. One of the main characters is Ruby Crescent. She plans to be the world’s greatest treasure hunter. The guy that saved her, Jio, wants to conquer the world. He also accepts any work that comes his way. Apparently, the O- parts were just modified for the civ. to use in their tools. They actually are from before the dinosaurs. The people who can use the O- parts are OPTS or O- part Technicians. The OPT expels a spirit, an O- part receives it, and then it releases an effect. Everyone’s terrified of a monster with 666 written on its forehead, they call it Satan because of that.

I did more of my new list of Kanji. Since I did a lot of them, I’m only posting some. 動勉強計兄弟姉妹代用自地図館映町京味風茶鳥色青黒品物意医春夏秋冬別問悪重歌犬海飯試内体全回園祖太好若寒合困返泳.

I played a game called Dragon Castle Escape. It had so many doors, and you have to do things repetitively. I normally hate those types of games, but this one was done pretty well. You have to find a giant golden egg to give to the dragon blocking the entrance. But, in order to do this, there’s a lot of puzzles. Had to get a bit of help towards the end, because I thought I did everything I could.

I was going to watch Black Butler, but the internet was shot. So, maybe some other time soon. It would really be nice if I had more than 10 minutes online at a time. 

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