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Shinku no Fatarythm

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By Kanon Wakeshima. It's very gothic sounding piece. I love her cello parts in this. Sounds deep and full of emotion. I didn't write yesterday or today, but I posted more pics of the trip on my DA at: deviantART I've already gotten so many faves for them. I'm sort of surprised by it. These pics are still of the Morikami. 

The first thing they talked about how something incredible can still be overshadowed by something else. They introduced Usui Kagerou. He's supposed to be the class rep with thinning hair and existence. Most people don't even notice him. Sometimes he appears as like a vapor. I feel sorry for this guy, because he tries so hard to be noticed. Next they introduced Fujiyoshi Harumi who's into drawing manga. She likes ears and is addicted to pairing. They discuss what constitutes a 'proper' manga format. Chiri believes that there are always just 4 parts. Intro, Rise, Climax, and End. Sensei disagrees and says there can be a painful 5th part, being of Darkness. 

I finished writing out the Kanji list. So, tomorrow I'll start looking at the vocab and comparing its Kanji to the list. If it's a 'complex' Kanji I'll look at the breakdown of it. This should help a great deal in drilling these words into my head. Later, I'll make more sentences with them, maybe even write out everyday things in Japanese. ^_^ Then, I'm going to look for more penpals and sites that will have Japanese chat where I can use a mic. That's not for a while though, I want to feel more confident before that. 

I started watching the anime version of Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. I think it might actually be better than the manga. (The manga's really good too!) It has a more funnier and horror feel. I love horror so the more the better! :D The art is excellent, too! Even the scenery is great! It starts off with the Italian guest. The servants still mess up everything, and Sebastian saves them by 'magically' making things perfect again. Ciel played what seemed to be a harmless board game with the Italian. The Italian landed on a space saying you lost your legs, then another one saying you will have a fiery death. O.O Later, he gets trapped in the mansion, and thinks there's a ghost following him. When the servants find him, he's entirely twisted from the hips down and is dragging himself across the floor. After this, the guest gets stuffed in an oven, while Sebastian says, "Didn't you know? In England, we eat desserts that utilize plum pudding, meat tallow, and mince pie." O.O Bard didn't know the guest was burned alive in the oven and starts stoking it. While doing so, Sebastian asks Bard to get a new oven. This guest was going to sell off Ciel's factory. (But, isn't that a little excessive?)

I started Fairy Tail, too. I didn't think I would like it at the very beginning, but by the end I think it grew on me. :P Mages belong to guilds and work by commission. The most prestigious guild is Fairy Tail. There's a famous mage that uses fire named Salamander. Natsu gets terribly sick while in moving vehicles. (The guy in the pic.) He has a traveling companion (familiar?) that's a cat, named Happy, and it has special abilities. An imposter calling himself Salamander shows up in the town he's staying in. He's using a forbidden charm spell that lures women onto his ship, where he traps them, and turns them into his 'product'. (Human trafficking and prostitutes.) Lucy wants disparately to join Fairy Tail, and gets tricked by the fake. Lucy's a spirit mage and uses keys to summon spirits. The 'fake' guy throws them in the water. Natsu and Happy come in for the rescue. Happy flies Lucy to the area where the keys were thrown. Lucy summons Aquarius, and she causes the ship to crash back into the harbor. Natsu is from Fairy Tail. He's a fire mage, and is the real Salamander. He can eat spells and has a dragon like appearance and abilities. He's going to help Lucy get into Fairy Tail.

I played Escape from Tatami Room. Fun and a bit challenging. It was nice and long, too. Interesting to see a traditional Tatami room, complete with the fire pit, hook over it to hang the pot, and to see the ice rabbit. Which was made out of ice, 2 red marbles, and 2 leaves for the ears. Puzzles were interesting too. Also, played another Gazzyboy game called Cowboy Escape. Wasn't as long, or challenging. It was fun though. :D 

Well, yesterday was a Hadassah meeting. I came fully prepared this time to give the minutes, and they almost skipped it. I'm so fed up with them not caring about the minutes and wonder if they even think they need a Secretary. -_-" I'm thinking of resigning because of this. I'm not feeling appreciated. I'm going to email our President about it soon. Another thing, she was accusing me of signing up to do something, that I didn't. It was about making a website for them, which will have all the emails, calendars, etc. I thought it was a great idea when it was suggested, but I never said I'd do it. It's too much work, I think I need money to start up a site like that (which I don't have, and our group doesn't have much to fund it either), also I don't know some of the more technical stuff that goes along with it. This all made the situation feel worse. I'm afraid she'll get defensive, and it will 'burn bridges'. But, this is how I feel! Also, the group is truly lacking structure and organization. I've been a part of clubs before, and one of the main things you have to do is have some sort of order. We had an agenda this time, but no one followed it! Also, just having Mah Jong games every meeting is getting annoying. Especially because I don't play, we should have a lot more varied events. 

On a lighter note, we did some errands. There was such a beautiful sunset and we could see Mt. Ranier clearly. It was amazing! :D Also, we bought an Udon thing while we were out that I used to buy from an Asian grocer online while I was in the dorms. It was so good back then! It probably will be again! I'm thinking of looking back at that site, because they had amazing things. ;) Also, they're extremely cheap, and you get free gummies with each order. What could be better?

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