Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh Happy Days

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By nobodyknows+.  Another fun song by them. :D It's about the good times. Well, my pain in my ear feels like it's getting worse. Monkey Icons I can't do much about it right now, though.  Got up a bit late, so didn't have time to write. But, that's ok, it's the weekend. Monkey Icons Yoyo

I finished all of section あ or a. That means I'm done with the new Level 3 vocab list. Monkey Winks Yoyo Tomorrow I'll work on the new greetings. Maybe go over the new Kanji I learned too. あ or a- Ah!, Oh!. ああ or aa- like that, that way, so. 挨拶 or aisatsu- greetings. 間 or aida- among, space (between), gap, interval, distance, time (between), pause, break, span (temporal or spatial), stretch, period (while), relationship (between, among). 合う or au- to suit, to fit, to match, to agree with, to be correct. 赤ちゃん or akachan- baby. (Interesting, because 赤 or aka means red. ちゃん or chan is an honorific. So, something like red one? Funny.) 上がる or agaru- to go up, to rise, to come up, to ascend, to be raised. 赤ん坊 or akanbou- baby. (Why so many words for baby? Also, why are they red? XD) 空く or aku- to become vacant, to be available, to be free. 上げる or ageru- to rise, to raise, to elevate. 朝寝坊 or asanebou- oversleep, late riser. 味 or aji- taste, flavor. 明日 or asu- tomorrow. 遊び or asobi- play, playing. 集まる or atsumaru- to gather, to collect, to assemble. 誤る or ayamaru- to apologize. アルバイト or arubaito- part time job, (comes from the German: Arbeit), side job. 安心 or anshin- feel easy, relief, peace of mind. 安全 or anzen- safety, security. あんな or anna- such, like that, so, that, sort of. 案内 or annai- to guide, information, guidance, leading, to show (around), to conduct. 

I watched Primeval, too. I haven't watched it in ages! Monkey Emoticons I remembered everything as soon as I watched the first couple of minutes. This time it was about a 'dragon' looking creature and a knight that came from the same time. The knight was more destructive than the dragon! Monkey Icons Yoyo The knight kept thinking he was in hell, and that the people from the present were demons. They eventually calmed him down, helped him through the anomaly, and saved the dragon. I love their humor and the type of situations they get into. 

I played another Minoto game called Valentine and Cupid. It was quick, easy, and cute. Like it is most of the time. I ended up with the Cupid end. Icon Monkey Yoyo I had helped a couple fall in love, so it makes sense. The next game I played was Cocoa Room. This is from the same people who have themes like watermelon, rum, chocolate, etc. for each room. You have to find all five of what ever food item the room is centered on, solve puzzles, do some math, find other items like screwdrivers and sticks, and eventually crack the code to get out. Monkey Icons Yoyo It's usually pretty hard and almost everybody has to get help on how to crack the code. But, it's interesting and I like challenging escape games.  Monkey Wink Yoyo Anyways, I found all 5 hot chocolates. I needed some help yet again on the grid they used to crack the code, but got it in the end. So, at the end it said Perfect End, you drank all the cocoa. Wow, that's a lot of cocoa! Monkey Emoticons

After this we went out for some errands. Then, we went to a Chinese buffet. I feel so full still!Monkey Icons Cici But, it was very good food! They're apple pie (more like strudel) is out of this world!  

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