Friday, February 5, 2010

Ima Ike Samba

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By Nobodyknows+. It's a great dance or party song. Has a Latin flair. It basically means: Now Go Samba! Well, I posted a poll for the first time. Just thought it would be interesting. :P The flag counter thing is really cool! I didn't know anyone actually was reading or at least visiting this blog! That's so awesome! Thank you for that! ^_^ I posted 2 more pics. One: Shishi Odoshi and the other: Early Rock Garden 1 Go check these out! I also wrote more of my story. There's like a million ways it can go from here, which make it a bit hard. :P I hope to some how incorporate Zero's story in this chapter. 

I started reading the 4th volume of Azumanga Daioh. I love this series, I don't know why I never finished it. I know I had the rest of it, though. It's so random, funny, and reminds me a bit of friends in high school. The pic first has Osaka it's not her real name, but since she came from Osaka, they started calling her that and it stuck. She's a bit spacey and has an odd view of the world. Yomi is smart and is always on a diet. Tomo tries to be better than everyone and is very competitive. She's very impulsive. Kagura is very athletic, and is almost as competitive as Tomo, although she's a little smarter about things. Chiyo is the 10 year old genius who skipped so many grades she ended up in high school. She still sees the world from a 10 year old's perspective. Makes for some funny and cute moments. Sakaki is good at everything (especially sports), very popular, and people think she's cool and 'mysterious'. But, she's really just misunderstood. She has a fondness for cats and 'cute' things, and doesn't want to show it. 

This time it started with Tomo saying Chiyo and Sakaki aren't living up to their full potential. O.O Next part was called nekosaka. It was a play on the word nekokoneko literally meaning cat and kitten. It's a stuffed toy cat with it's 'kitten' on top of its head. Usually it's white with little black eyes. This one had the eyes closed and was smiling. Osaka liked them, but fell asleep staring at it. So, Chiyo put it on her head. She had the same expression as the cats. When Osaka starts to open her eyes, Sakaki immediately closes them. Kagura and Tomo bickered again. Osaka still says 'fuhgeddaboutit!' In the Japanese one she has an Osakan dialect, but the closest they could find in English was a New York accent. Chiyo joins in with her, and they go back and forth. Kind of like the 'What's Up?!' ad. Then, it's so infectious, as soon as people hear it they start using it. Chiyo changes her hair a bit, where the pig tails are lowered. Osaka goes crazy. (There's a big thing in the series about what Osaka thinks of Chiyo's hair.) They all go on a school field trip to Okinawa. (Really as a vacation.) They go diving, see a castle (Shuri castle), see Shisas, and eat at a huge buffet. The buffet has many different Champurus. Which is an Okinawan (meaning mix) stir fry dish. A champuru is named after it's main ingredient. They had Goya (a type of gourd), Fu (glutinous bread), and Somen (noodles). 

I did the entire い or i section. (It was huge.) 以下 or ika- not more than, not exceeding, and downward, ... and below, the below- mentioned, the following, the rest. 如何 or ikaga- how, what, in what way, how about. 医学 or igaku- medical science, medicine. 生きる or ikiru- to live. 幾らでも or ikurademo- (exp.) as many (much) as one likes, however. 意見 or iken- opinion, view. 石 or ishi- stone, gem, jewel. 苛める or ijimeru- to ill- treat, to tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise. 以上 or ijou- more than, over, ... and more, ... and upwards, beyond... (ex. one's means), further (ex. nothing further to say), above mentioned, foregoing, since..., seeing that, this is all, that is the end, the end. 急ぐ or isogu- to hurry, to rush, to hasten. 致す or itasu- (polite) to do. 戴く or itadaku- (polite) to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy, (polite) to eat, to drink. 一度 or ichido- once, one time, on one occasion, one degree, one tone, one musical interval. 一生懸命 or isshoukenmei- as well as one can, as hard as one can, very hard, with utmost effort, with all one's might, for dear life. 一杯 or ippai- fill, full, a drink (i.e. an alcoholic beverage), fully, to capacity, a lot, much, all of..., the entire... 糸 or ito- thread, yarn, string. 以内 or inai- within, inside of, less than. 田舎 or inaka- the country, countryside, rural area, the sticks, hometown. 祈る or inoru- to pray, to wish. いらっしゃる or irassharu- (polite) to come, to go, to be (somewhere). 員 or in- worker, one who works at..., member.

When we went to the store later, they had samples of flax muffins at the bakery. Hearing that I don't flax, but just wanted to try it, the manager gave me a free snickerdoodle instead. O.O I thought those were only for the kids. :P Not only that, but we got some chocolate croissants for dessert tonight. They were so good! I usually only eat maybe one sweet a day, so to have 2 was nice. XD I found out my grandma's having more problems, this time with her eyes. :( She has early onset Glaucoma and cataracts. They're not doing anything, because it's 'too early'. Meanwhile, she's having a hard time seeing things. Mom still has a horrible cough. Dad's sick too, on top of having a broken rib. My ear thing's a bit worse. We're just a happy family! -_-" Hopefully, we'll all be better soon. 

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