Thursday, February 25, 2010


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By Ketsumeishi. I don't know much about the artist, but the song is beautiful and has a nice feel to it. Maybe I'll find other songs by them, that are just as cool. :D I slept in because it took me so long to fall asleep last night, and then I didn't want to get up. :P Funny how some nights are that way. I'm still looking for more music for my playlist. I found an awesome database on Japanese artist at Nippop, and joined it. It's so huge, I'm bound to find more for my playlist. ^_^ 

I watched a drama called Distant Bonding on TV Japan. I thought I wouldn't like it, but it was pretty good and interesting. It was about a man who was taken away from his mother in China and brought to Japan. He had a very hard time learning Japanese, and was a part of a class geared towards Chinese people trying to learn Japanese. (I think?) He became close friends with a girl in the class. While all this is going, he writes letters in Chinese to send to his mother. When he finds out where she is, he plans to see her and show her them. He makes it to a university and is famous. His adoptive (?) father has stroke at the end of the episode. Interesting to hear bits of Chinese and Japanese. 

I finished the names of diseases section, and started on the more useful phrases section. (This whole worksheet has been very interesting!) 緑内障 or ryokunaishou- glaucoma. 白血病 or hakketsubyou- leukemia. ぜんそく or zensoku- asthma. 便秘 or benpi- constipation. 火傷 or yakedo- burn. 水虫 or mizumushi- athlete's foot. 貧血 or hinketsu- anemia. 更年期障害 or kounenkishougai- a menopausal disorder. 

1. 熱があります。
   I have a fever.
2. 38゜Cです。
   I have a fever of 38゚C.
3. アレルギーがあります。
   I have an allergy.
4. 食欲がありますせん。
   I don't have an appetite.
5. 咳がでます。
   I have a cough. 
6. くしゃみが出ます。
   I have been sneezing.
7. 鼻水が出ます。
   I have a runny nose.
8. 吐き気がします。
   I feel nauseous.
9. 寒気します。
   I have been having chills.
10. めまいがします。
   I feel dizzy.
11. 体がだるいです。
   I feel sluggish.
12. 下痢です。
   I have diarrhea. 
13. 便秘です。
   I'm constipated.
14. 痒いです。
   I feel itchy.
15. 虫歯です。
   I have bad teeth. 

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