Saturday, August 8, 2009

[While Hijikata’s back is turned, Okita aims a bazooka at him]

Okita: Goodbye, vice captain. Why don’t you suck on some mayonnaise in the afterlife? [he shoots, blowing up the whole wall]
Hijikata: [straightening up from being bent down] Oi Sougo, just what do you think you’re doing? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?
Okita: Oh, no. It was just a joke. A joke! I’m always doing it, aren’t I?
Hijikata: You’re always trying to kill me?

Hi! This is a hilarious scene in Gintama. XD Hijikata is obsessed with mayonnaise and everyone's disgusted by it. He'll make like a meal out of just mayonnaise. If you think about it though all the characters are obsessed with a certain type of food or condiment. :P Gintoki loves sugar and has to have it at least once everyday or he goes nuts, Kagura loves food in general but mostly likes to eat these seaweed snacks she's always eating them, I think Sougo likes ketchup on everything maybe it reminds him of blood (he's a sadist), and there's others. Also, Sougo is constantly trying to kill Hijikata. It's actually funny the ways he comes up with to kill him. XD Well, today I feel a little worse than yesterday, but I think I'm better than I was a few days ago. So, that's good. It's freezing today! Just a couple of weeks ago it was boiling hot, now it's about 35 degrees cooler. Such a difference! I'm wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a hoodie and I'm still cold. It's the beginning of August!

For Shabbat services today we were celebrating a wedding that's going to be tomorrow. I didn't recognize the name of the bride, and when I saw her I immediately remembered her. Funny, how I'll remember someone's face more than I'll remember their name! :P This will be the first wedding in the congregation's approximately 30 year history. Kind of sad, but nice that it's happening. The Rabbi's talk today was about if you're in some sort of crisis you just need to wait, and things will eventually get better. The portion today basically said it takes G-d a long time to do things, so we need to have patience. It's hard to have patience in certain situations. :( Also, the food was pretty good. For the main part of the lunch there were bagels, lox, and some cream cheese. I got the everything bagel! :P I wasn't in the mood for lox, so I had a little cream cheese, still was good. For dessert there was basically a fudge or brownie type cake with a ton of chocolate icing. They also had melon, a lemon bar type cookie thing, zucchini bread muffins (the only way I'll eat zucchini), we brought some chocolate dipped macaroons, and there was something else just can't remember at the moment.

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hehehe... funny!

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Well, in reality mine are hazel. They have little specks of green in them. Not sure if I'd like gray.

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