Friday, August 7, 2009

A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.

Hi! Shabbat Shalom! I thought this was an interesting Jewish proverb. Kind of cool. ^_^ Today, I felt a lot better. I got up early and did almost everything I wanted to do. Also, it was cold today, it was kind of surprising.

I read some more of Poe. This time I finished reading Ligeia. It was about how she struggled with death towards the end. She finally goes after a while of fighting it. Her husband remarries, but doesn't truly love his new wife. This wife suddenly becomes ill and says that she can see and hear things no one else can. She eventually dies too. The husband thinks he's starting to see things because he's taking opium. He sees things like a dark figure hovering next to his dying wife before, and red rubies that are poured into his wife's wine. Later, after she dies, he thinks she's coming slowly back to life. She seems to become warm, he lips become full, even her veins turn color. Eventually, after showing signs of life and then suddenly dying again over and over Ligeia comes back to life through his second wife. Pretty trippy. o_O

On Gaia they're having a fake summer camp called "Camp Chaos". You have to pick which camp and then play pranks on other camps. There's Science camp, Juvie camp, Rich camp, and Fitness camp. I thought the best description was for Science camp, so I joined it. Yay! For blowing things up! XD They assigned me to a bunker called Rocket. They're really going all out with this, they even have a mini comic out about it. The bunker has its own forum, so we can plot and meet other people.

zOMG! is a game created by Gaia. You get to battle monsters, make friends with other players, get to know Gaia's characters, go on quests, and more. The story (in a nutshell) is that inanimate objects are coming alive after an accident at a lab they're called the animated and you have to save everyone. The objects are like a plunger that comes to life, there are monsters called gramsters that look like green hamsters with red eyes, evil dolls, garden gnomes, plastic flamingoes, and more. Since it's made by Gaia, it's based in the world of Gaia. The sound effects are great! Each monster makes different sounds. The music is interesting too. In Barton Town there's classical music playing in the background. Don't think I've played a game that's like that. :P Currently I'm done with all the quests in Barton Town. Apparently, I have to go past the village greens where there's a ton of the animated. ^_^* Mom wasn't up yet, so no clarinet today. :'(

Lunch today was awesome! :D I had scrambled eggs with cheese, a salad, and a piece of buttered toast. The salad was my favorite type of salad, being slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, a little feta, and some olive oil.

For Japanese today I did more of the i or い section. Ichinichi sounds really funny and in kanji it looks like this: 一日. It means one day, sometimes it's written as 1日. I personally like the other version. :P Ichiban is kind of cool sounding. It looks like this in kanji: 一番. Kind of complicated looking. o_O It means number 1, or the best, first place, etc. Itsu is 何時 in kanji and means when. It looks like the kanji symbol for what and time smooshed together, makes sense though. ;P Issho is 一緒 and means together. Itsumo is 何時も and means always. Ima is 今 which means now. I find it odd that ima in Hebrew is mom. XP Imi is 意味 and oddly enough means meaning. :P Iriguchi is 入口 which means entrance or mouth of something.

I finished Nabari no Ou. It was extremely trippy when Miharu awakened his ability. It looked like DNA strands going from him up through the universe. :P Thobari uses his Engetsurin on him and everyone got their memories back of what happened 10 years ago. Apparently Miharu's mom, Asahi, had Shinrabanshou in her and passed it on to Miharu. After everyone sees what happened in the past, it was like they went crazy screaming and trying to kill each other. Hattori, the leader of Kairoushuu is killed by Yoite. After this incident Yoite disappears to the only place he thinks he can be alone, in a church. After talking to Miharu about what he wants to do, Yoite decides that he really doesn't want to erase his existence and wants to live his final days with the people who care about him. Miharu agrees and vows to not use the Shinrabanshou. After everything has settled, everyone seems happy and are moving on with their lives. The girl that was shown at the ninja village that looks like a college is really the cat that's always with Miharu. I understand now! Kind of crazy though! Fuuma is actually just character from an author with the same name who came to life. o_O I liked Yukimi, he acts tough but is really a softy. XP Yoite visits his father for the last time, and his father didn't recognize him at first. As soon as Yoite left his father realized who it was. Kind of sad. Towards the end Yoite was knitting all the time. He turned to dust when he died. He was so happy before he went. It kind of made me cry. T_T

This is interesting. My grandpa is into a lot of psychic things. He usually has dreams about everyone in our family and kind of gets a sense of what's going on before we tell him. o_O He had a dream recently about my 'brain shivers'. He didn't know what to call them until my mom described it to him. He said it was exactly like what my mom was describing. Kind of creepy.

In Gintama it was the last event which was a card game. They were extremely rare cards and only diehard fans of Otsu would have them. The funny thing was they were supposed to us the cards they collected, Shinpachi didn't have them. So, he asked Gintoki to run to the store and randomly buy them. After placing a card, the hologram of that card comes out and the two sims battle it out. It was hilarious! :P

I played Ninja vs. Pirates TD II. I love this game! It's a tower defense game on Flash Ninja Clan. (In my link list.) You have to try and stop the pirates from making it to your home. Apparently, I can't seem to pass the 20th wave. But, it's really fun nonetheless.

I tried to draw today. I was hoping to do a bunch of faces in different positions. I ended up only doing 1 face, because we had to go get groceries. I don't think it was very good though, but I am still a beginner. XD

For dinner my mom cooked some rockfish in wine, cooked some baby Bok Choy in some garlic, and cooked some noodles to go with it. For dessert she made a homemade blueberry pie/ crisp, well all homemade except for the bottom pie crust. (This was the closest picture of a similar pie that I could find.) It was sooo good! ^_^ Well, tomorrow we're going to an oneg celebrating a wedding. It should be nice.

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