Monday, August 17, 2009

If you treat people right they will treat you right - ninety percent of the time.

This is a Franklin D. Roosevelt quote. Hi! Well, I still have those nasty 'brain shivers', but I also seemed to be having a slight tinge of depression. It's probably just because of the withdrawal. (I hope.) After posting I might email my psychiatrist about it, maybe just as a heads up. It was pretty warm today, so that was nice.

I read some more of Poe. This time I read all of the Man That Was Used Up. Kind of funny the way everyone made 'Mr. Thompson' (wasn't his actual name) pissed off. All he wanted to do was find out more about the General. Only, he kind of ended up knowing too much about him. Basically the General is just a bunch of fake body parts made by people. I don't remember is there was one part of him that was still him, but that was kind of disgusting. He lost his body parts in a bunch of wars. I started the story called the Fall of the House of Usher. Sounds like it's about a haunted house so far. Cool! >:)

I played my clarinet today. It was really nice, since I haven't done it in a couple of days. Although, I keep forgetting that the ligature (the thing that holds the reed in place. Reed being what makes the sound. In case you didn't know- now you do!) has the top screw totally stripped. I told my mom and she said maybe we can find a screw for really cheap that can be used for it. That would be awesome! My clarinet's so weird anyways, I have to use a saxophone ligature in order for it to work. XD I guess that's what makes it unique.

For Japanese I went over my flash cards. I kind of made like a 'memory' game to review the vocab. That was actually kind of fun, and I got most of them right.

For anime I watched the On Demand Funimation channel. They had the first 2 episodes of xxxHolic. So, I watched them. I love that anime, but they screwed up a lot of the characters' voices in this English version. Although, Yuko still sounded awesome! xxxHolic is about a boy named Watanuki who can see spirits or demons. He desperately wants to stop seeing them, and ends up in a weird looking shop that grants wishes. The shop is owned by Yuuko who for a price will grant anyone's wish. She offers to get rid of these spirits, but as payment he has to become her part time worker. He does things like the cooking and cleaning. Also, he goes on errands for her that deal with the supernatural. I've seen both seasons of the show. The second is called xxxHolic: Kei. By the way the explanation for the title I think was that there's something everyone's addicted to or collects, like there's an alco'holic' and choco'holic'. She basically helps people with these and many other problems. I've also seen the first movie, it was actually very good. The only thing I haven't watched is the second movie, which came out pretty recently. Tomorrow, I think I'll watch some of my old amv's that I have on DVD and CD's. That will be fun!

Mom made Mac and Cheese with Turkey ham. It was pretty good! Also, we had some of the rosemary flatbread with it. We had Mac and Cheese mainly because Dad wasn't here. (He hates cheese. Just means more for us.)

For drawing, I drew the male heads from my manga drawing book. They didn't turn out too bad. Although it's difficult to draw so many different poses and expressions. It was still fun! Check it out at my deviantArt page! I'm rcmacdonald on there.

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