Thursday, August 20, 2009

When humor goes, there goes civilization.

This is a Erma Bombeck quote. Hi! Well, it was nice and warm today again. I'm getting more used to my contacts. Last night it only took me 5 minutes to get them out. It took about 30 minutes to get them in this morning. This was mainly because I finally realized my fingures were too wet and therefore the lens stuck more to me than my eye. Kind defeats the purpose. :P After that, it was really quick. Plus, my vision isn't as blurry as yesterday. I guess it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to them.

In Japanese today I started redoing the 'system' that worked for me before. Since I know more about where to go to get the info I've been breezing through it. Then, after printing off my work, I decided to go over some of the things I printed off yesterday. I found out that one of the quizzes was way too advanced for me, but it has useful info on the particles. So, I'll keep the info part, not sure about the actual quiz. Might save that for when I'm more advanced. It's nice to have the particles explained, although it was pretty vague. Most of the particles can't truly be translated into English, so I understand that it's kind of hard to explain to begin with. The second quiz/ worksheet I printed, I think was good, but since I had been working none stop on Japanese for like 2 and half hours I was making mistakes on things that I knew. So, I stopped. I like how in this quiz it had little speech bubbles and you had to guess what they were saying right based on the pictures. Now, the pictures were a little confusing because they weren't really clear. ;P It was still fun though! (Even though I was so fried from trying to understand something that was so advanced, and from doing my normal stuff.)

I watched the new Naruto Shippuuden episode today. It was kind of cool! It was about Deidara fighting Sasuke. They showed some of Deidara's past. He was a bomber who worked for what they called 'anti- government' groups. Although, he was into making the perfect type of art. (To him at least. :P) He likes to mold things out of a clay like substance and makes some crazy sculptures. When he releases them, they move on their own and when he says 'Ha!' they explode. He's always saying how the most perfect art is the art that goes boom. XD He's mostly been making birds and these bug like things. It really was looking like Deidara was going to die again but he managed to save himself. It's like he never dies when you think he does. (He's not immortal like Hidan, though.) He made sort of like monsters (that you can't really tell what they are), dragons, and a giant form of himself in this episode. At the end it looked almost like Sasuke was scared stiff. XD The next episode should be interesting.

In Gintama, they set out on trying to save Tama. The funny thing was Tama downloaded a smaller version of herself and put it in her body to aid the group in saving her. x_X They met the real 'leukocyte' king. He looked exactly like Gintoki except he had green eyes instead of a reddish brown. They fought for a while wondering why they looked so similar. Tama said it was because she wanted simulate what was the strongest person in the world to her, and that was Gintoki. Kind of weird for a robot, but she's supposed to be 'highly evolved'. They're on the way to see the Tapir virus. It's really like an rpg! They even had an inn, casino, and a save or restore church type place. It was awesome! I like how their weapons are toothpicks. XD

My dad and I went to our market to get a ready made dinner. I got a chicken burrito with some Mexican rice. Funny thing was they put pasta sauce on it instead of salsa. I guess it's true that people here don't like spicy food. I love it, but for health reasons I shouldn't eat it. (Long story, don't ask!) But, other than that it was pretty good.

I looked online again and my psychiatrist's name is still not on the medical team list that I can contact. So, I went to see her notes about the last appointment. She said in her report that I was advised to contact the clinic if I have any depressive symptoms. Funny thing is I really don't think she actually told me this little piece of info. So, I guess I'll call tomorrow. I'm just feeling kind of weird, and am thinking maybe adding a higher dose of Lamotragine will help. I didn't call them today, because I didn't remember. ^_^" I'm also a little worried that when I turn 25 (on Nov. 7th!) the insurance I'm a part of will drop me. We still have to look more into that to get an idea of what to do if that happens. :(


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