Monday, August 10, 2009

Gintoki: Shinpachi, you’ve suddenly got a lot heavier.

Kagura: I’ve never seen a grown man abandon a girl being chased by the yakuza.
Gintoki: Well, I’m a boy at heart. And besides, in this country, we don’t call someone who can stop a scooter with her bare hands a girl. We call her a mountain gorilla.

Another great Gintama scene! :P Hi! Well, today I felt a lot better. I woke up early and was able to do everything I wanted to do. ^_^ It's pretty cold out today, though. :(

For manga, I'm kind of getting tired of the ones that are still ongoing, so I decided to try and look for a completed series. I want to read something with a lot of comedy, it kind of calms me down. I spent about an hour looking online for a good one. There's so many. I don't want those sweet romantic comedies, because I'm tired of them and frankly they're too sweet. (Like they'll give you Diabetes type sweet, ew!) I like the ones that have action, just as long as they throw in a lot of comedy. Fantasy can be awesome that way too. By the way, the pic is of one of my fave mangas! It's called Yotsuba&. It's hilarious! Yotsuba got her name because her hair is green and reminded her father of a four leaf clover. The series is basically about her adventures in a new neighborhood. She was abandoned by someone and placed on her father's doorstep. His mother takes care of her every once in a while, although I haven't seen her yet. Sometimes being a single father and being a writer gets difficult, so his friends step in to take Yotsuba places. Also, their new neighbors become friends with them and they help take care of her. She's not even old enough to go to school yet, so she gets into a lot of trouble. :P

I played on my clarinet for about 30 minutes today. I want to get used to it again enough to play for an hour everyday. My pinky fingers seem to have gotten stiffer lately, I kind of need them to be flexible in order to do alternative fingerings. (It helps with playing a tune faster, or easier to play if it's a complicated piece.) I played some Mozart tunes, I seem to be getting better at those. I played 'Someone to Watch Over Me' by Gershwin. For some reason I love playing that song! It makes me get butterflies or warm feeling or something. :D I also played some Irish tunes. I havem't played them in a while so it didn't sound as good as it did before. I know it might sound crazy for a clarinet to do tunes that were originally made for bagpipes, fiddle, and other celtic type instruments, but I think it's cool. It presents more of a challenge. ;D

い う え お

In Japanese I did more of i and went through to o with finding the kanji and verb forms. 要ります or irimasu is a verb that means to need. It's root form is iru or 要る. 色 or iro, is kind of cool looking. It means color. Interestingly, 色々 or iroiro is various. Kind of like various colors. Would that be iroiroiro? hehehe... funny! 上 or ue means above or on. It's kind of like an arrow pointing towards the sky. XD 歌 or uta means song. Kind of cool. 家 or uchi means home. 海 or umi means sea or beach. 上着 or uwagi means jacket. 絵 or e means picture or drawing. It's funny it's only one letter. 映画 or eiga is movie. 映画館 or eigakan means movie theater. 英語 or eigo means English. Hehehe... I speak eigo! (Sounds like leggo my eggo :D) Ee is another word for yes, I think it's more casual than hai. Also, it can be used as huh? or err... or correct or um... Kind of a versatile word. 駅 or eki means (train) station. Kind of interesting in Kanji. ^_^エレベーター or erebeetaa, guess what that means? It's elevator! Sounds funny the way they pronounce it. XD Yen (or en) looks interesting in kanji: 円. Apparently, "o" added to words makes it more polite. 美味しい or oishii means tasty or delicious. 大きい or ookii means big or great. お母さん or okaasan is another way of saying mother.

It seemed like it was a lot easier looking for another anime series. :P This one's called Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro or Demonic Detective Nougami Neuro. I think I'll call it Detective Neuro for short. :P It's a really interesting anime so far. I love mysteries, so it looks like it has potential. It's about a demon who eats mysteries and riddles. He got tired of the demon world, and came to the human world. Yako was one of the first humans he saw and made her his servant. She has to act like a detective so Neuro can find and solve mysteries without being noticed. She's only a high schooler though, so the police are escorting her. Yako apparently loves to eat a lot and cook. The first mystery was about a restaurant head chef being murdered. Neuro said that there are 777 different weapons demons can use. There's one that he used that's called a Demon Javelin. It slices through objects without affecting the matter or the object. It analyzes whatever it sliced through, kind of handy. The murderer in this one used a rolling pin and bashed the head chef's skull in. He's also been using drugs on himself and in his food thinking it will equal the late chef's creations. Nobody likes his food though. When the mystery is solved Neuro changes to his demon form which looks like a bird. It's like he sucks the soul out of the murderer after that. He's a got a funny and creepy personality, but somehow I like him.

In Gintama, both Toshi and Shinpachi ended up in a draw on the final contest. They got up even though it was over and started to beat each other up. Otsu told them to stop and both teams will be her official fan club, but they only stopped after they both passed out. They both woke up again and threw more punches. In the Hijikata's 'persona' or I guess 'alter ego' called Toshiro died. The persona was 'awakened' when he used a possessed sword, he's been struggling with his 'otaku' side ever since until now. In the end, Shinpachi gave up the title of Otsu's official fan club saying it was just a title and didn't mean very much, he just wants to support the pop idol. At the end, during the extra, they were trying to come up with what would be a good 'extra'. They showed a random shinigami, and parodied Death Note a bit. Kagura left while they were bickering, and when she came back she was surprised they still didn't come up with anything good. So, she suggested to show some fanart of the show. The letter that came with this one said the person was 4 years old, when they looked at the drawing it was obvious it was too adult to be a 4 year old's drawing. XD

I played an Escape game called Haunting Escape Game on Gamershood. I love escape games! Although, this was more like find the ghosts than get out of the room. I like the ones where it's like a puzzle to find a way out. I also played a tower defense game at Flash Ninja Clan called Empire of Galaldur. It was kind of boring. You'll have to see what I mean. ;P

Today I also cleaned part of my bathroom. I finally unclogged my sink, and dusted the room. Swiffer's are awesome. XD Whoever invented them was great! I could dust my entire bathroom without any moving around much, kind of lazy, but awesome! I also cleaned my mirror in there, but no matter how many times I clean it, I look away and it's dirty again. o_O

For drawing I drew 2 manga faces from my How to Draw Manga book. One of a girl they said was doing a battle cry. That turned out pretty ok. The other was of a girl they called sad contemplation. That one was ok, even though it was such a simple concept, things like the mouth weren't working right. I couldn't get it thin enough. I'll probably post my drawings soon so people can see what I'm doing. I've been bad and haven't posted them in a while. XD


One of the funniest scenes in Gintama (and one of the best of the voice actor):

Just awesome:

hehehe... lollipop:

hehehe... cannon :D :

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