Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.

This quote's by Sophia Loren. Hi! Today I felt pretty good. I still don't know if it's the Lamotragine or things I did today or even just thinking to myself that I'm happier. (Like it's just psychological.) :P Either way it's good I guess. It was actually somewhat cold today. I also had some problems putting in my right contact this morning. I managed to put in backwards or inverted. I couldn't see, and it hurt like someone threw a rock in there or something. So, once my mom came down the stairs this morning, I told her that I couldn't see and could she help me. Sure enough she looked at it and said it was inverted. I didn't think it could do that and still stick to my eye. XD So, I got it in ok. Later though, just as we were going to watch a movie that same contact fell out of my eye. It took me awhile to get it back in with Mom's help. (This is only a couple of hours before I had planned to go to bed. So, great, after putting it back in I'll have to take it back out soon.) Mom said it probably was because the contact isn't the right prescription, and doesn't have the same type of curve as my eye. So, after awhile it would naturally fall off. I can't wait to get the actual contacts with my prescription! I think that's on Tuesday.

I went to services today. Emily was leading it. I still find her a little off in the way she does things. The Torah portion today was about justice and stoning. Justice is cool, but stoning people obviously people have a problem with. But, it's interesting that if there is only one witness to a crime, the accused seems innocent. If there are more than 2 or 3 witnesses than that person is guilty. It shows that just because one person says someone else did something doesn't make it true and the person could just not like the accused. But, if other people see it, then yeah it makes sense (to me at least) that they are guilty. Usually a group of random people don't really have a personal agenda. Kind of interesting. I'm not sure if I'd go so far as stoning the person that's guilty, I'd rather they rot in jail or something. That seems worse, because they are actually being punished for a longer period of time for what they did. Stoning them to death might be a form of public humiliation but the person gets an easy escape in the end. This is just my opinion though. I also saw someone who I haven't seen in a couple of years. We went to the same college, and his mother's apart of our congregation. He finished his journalism degree and is now interning at some newspaper in Lewiston, Idaho. He loves his work there, so I'm happy for him. ^_^ There weren't many people that showed up, but we did have a minion. (A minion is a group of 10 Jewish adults, we can't technically read from the Torah without 10 Jewish adults present.)

Later, we went to Rite Aid, Costco, then the mall. My parents needed things like pain killers, clothes, etc. All common necessities. ^_^ At Costco it seems the TVs are just getting bigger every time we go. It was just nuts! I think I can find other ways to spend that kind of money, maybe on actually living and savings. Seems kind of materialistic to me. XP For the mall at some point I found a comfy chair while my parents went on without me to shop some more. They're the type of chairs where almost as soon as you sit you fall asleep in. Extremely soft and just feels nice. After a while of sitting a Filipino guy sat next to me. (The only way I knew was I think he was speaking in Filipino.) Eventually, I started to fall asleep, and when I woke up he was snoring loudly. I fell asleep again, and again he snored after I awoke. This repeated for a while. Then, his family came over and they were talking in Filipino to each other. I tried to act like I wasn't listening. and then I heard a hello from him. I thought he was talking to someone next to me or something and didn't respond right away. I realized he had a huge grin and was staring at me, no one was near me. I said hi and they went back to talking. It was kind of funny.

For dinner we went to Hakata. It's a pretty good Japanese restaurant in Silverdale. They serve miso soup and pickled bean sprouts at the beginning of every entree you order. We ordered some sushi as an appetizer too. For the main course, I had what they called chickenteridon. Basically, a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, only a really good one. The rice part was just awesome sweet and sticky, I love that kind. Then, I ordered some fried icecream. This isn't like the mexican type of fried icecream. They take vanilla icecream, surround it in a cake that's seasoned with things like cinnamon, and wrap that up in tempura and fry it lightly. Very good, but probably not good for me. ;P

Later we watched a movie called Religulous. (I think that how you say it.) It's a Bill Mahr documentary about basically religious fanatics and debating their views on their religion. It's funny he didn't talk to too many Jews. :P The one Jew he really talked to he didn't let the guy talk to defend himself. Bill Mahr mostly was putting down the extremists in Christianity, Islam, Mormon, and Scientology. I found it funny that none of these people clearly and intelligently described why they felt the way the do. They had blind faith and never questioned their view on G-d. I found it almost sad at the same time that there are people who are so ignorant about their own religion.

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