Thursday, August 13, 2009

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

Another Einstein quote. Hi! I woke up earlier than I wanted to because I heard rustling noises in my dad's office. Kind of weird. So, instead of getting up at 7 I got up at 6:15. I think I needed those extra 45 minutes, but oh well. :P The weather today is just plain nasty. It's freezing, pouring down rain, and there might be some thunder later. I'd take this over the 102 degree weather though. :D Today, I did a lot of catching up on things I haven't done in a while.

I worked on my website called Sugoi Japan! It's at It's a site devoted to things I find out about Japan. Only problem is before today, I hadn't updated it in over a year. XD I'm horrible for letting it stall for so long. I still get tons of people that visit the site everyday. It was funny like 5 of the comments left by people were all in Japanese. It was higher level type stuff, so I didn't understand it. I guess I should try to put them in a translator thing, but sometimes that messes up the meaning. I added a regular post saying sorry to people who actually read it and that I'll update as much as I can today. I also made another anime section, of the more recent ones I've completed. I posted some videos on the culture. (Really on the traditional music so far.) I started another page on fashion of Japan. That's kind of fun. ;P Hopefully, I'll add more things tomorrow. Sometimes it takes forever just to make a page, it slows down while saving, takes time to find the info, etc. But, I still like the idea of it, kind of like my personal stockpile of all things Japanese.

I also might make some amv's, anime music videos, because I just realized I had the tools to make them. These obviously will just be for fun, and I want gain a profit from them. People might donate to me, maybe if I get good enough. ;P The tools being, I forgot that my laptop came with Windows Movie Maker, I have some music, and I have anime. Voila! There you go! All the makings of an amv. >:)

I also posted some of my recent drawings on deviantArt. I'm rcmacdonald on that. So, check it out! I already had one comment and they thought one of my drawings was cool and that the cat was very cute. =^_^= I don't hear too many comments about my drawings so that was nice.

I watched the new Naruto Shippuuden episode. I love Kakashi's ninja dogs, they have funny personalities. They decided to have 2 ninja dogs to every ninja. (Since the dogs can sense danger and alert the others better than a mic.) Except, since Naruto is being saught after still for the nine- tailed fox that's in him, he gets 2 ninjas and one huge dog. Hinata and Yamato were picked to go with him. The dog's name is Big Bark Bull, and he's obviously a Bull dog. Kabuto shows up and talks to Naruto. We find out that after Orochimaru died, Kabuto absorbed him into his body. 1/3 of his body is used up by Orochimaru's body. He now has half his face as his, an arm as his, and other parts we can't really see. :P Tobi and Deidara find Sasuke. Deidara tries to throw his 'bombs' at him, but they don't work. Eventually it looks like towards the end of the episode that Deidara is stuck in the Sharingan technique. (Puts you in a trance and makes an illusion of the user's own world. They can torture the victim for what seems like forever. It's really only a few minutes.) It would be interesting to see if he's as good as Itachi with that.

In Gintama, Hijikata and Gintoki accidentally get handcuffed to each other. Hijikata was in the middle of a police stakeout. Gintoki was half awake and just wanted to throw his trash in the dumpster Hijikata was sitting on. After getting handcuffed, Hijikata realized he didn't have a key to them. So, he asked Sougo to uncuff them. He handcuffed their other wrists together, and said wouldn't it be more fun this way. Before he left he gave Hijikata some of his favorite mayonnaise in a bottle. They looked hilarious walking together down the street. XD Later they find that Sougo slipped some laxatives in the mayonnaise, which both of them had. (Gintoki had it by accident because it landed in his food and on his face.) They tried to figure out how they would go to the bathroom all based on expecting it to be a 'western' style toilet. (They have 2 types of toilets: Western and Japanese 'traditional'. Western is just like any other American or European type toilet. The traditional one you have to squat in mid air and aim within a basin that has like a drain towards one end. It's supposedly much more difficult to use, but some people that swear by it say that it helps with your muscles. Western style toilets are actually more popular now, and you'll only get the traditional ones in old facilities or a traditional town.) After much maneuvering, they figure it out and run out. They steal a scooter, but end up facing opposite directions, and can't navigate well. Eventually they catch up to the people Hijikata had been following and end up working as a great team fighting the bad guys. By the way, normally they supposedly hate each other. Sougo says at the end he just wanted to see if they could get along. That's interesting coming from him. :P


(I feel the same way!)

(Sadly, I know what this is like.)

(One of the best from Dane Cook.)

(Poor Mello!)

(The police of Gintama are awesome! XD)

(How true!)

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